Choose A Picture And Get You Advice For Near Future!

May 24, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

This interesting test will describe your life situation at the moment. Just choose one picture and get your advice.

Picture No. 1.

If you want to achieve something, do not think that you do not have it. Imagine that you already have it. Create an image of what you want. Fill it with energy and vitality. Think about all the details, try to see the picture as brightly as possible. The thought is material. When you determine the final image of your desire, it will become an independent living entity, that will find the opportunity to incarnate reality.

Picture No. 2.

You are a sensitive person. Perhaps it's a difficult period in your life but, anyway, you can be completely calm for the outcome of the situation. In the near future, everything will be resolved by itself, and everyone who is involved in this situation will be satisfied. You are standing at a crossroads. Make your choice according to what your inner voice tells you. Do not associate yourself with the old belief system, get rid of all restrictions.

Picture No. 3.

The universe is a living being. If you ask for something and get what you asked for, do not forget about gratitude. Sincere gratitude causes the Universe the desire to continue to act for your benefit. 

Do not forget to also thank yourself for everything you do for yourself and others. Gratitude cannot always be expressed in a word, but you must receive a reward for your work.

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