Choose one lotus and find out what your choice says about your personality!

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The lotus flower represents one symbol of fortune in Buddhism. It grows in muddy water. 
The color of the flower has the important meaning in Buddhism. So, choose one lotus and get your spiritual meaning.

1. Red Lotus

The color red is very questionable color. If you chose red lotus, you have complicated personality. Sometimes, you can be very romantic, tender, positive and happy. On the other hand, you can be rude, negative, angry and cold. 
But you are always full of passion and love. So, try to calm your anger and improve your positive energy. 

2. White Lotus 

A white lotus flower refers to the purity of the mind and the soul. The white lotus flower is a symbol of hope and strength. 
If you chose white, lotus you have a pure aura. You are harmonious with yourself. You will never harm anyone. You try to be tender with your loved ones.

3. Pink Lotus

Pink is the combination of passion and power (Red) with purity and completeness (White) results in some of the most beautiful shades of Pink. 
If you chose pink lotus, you are a very attractive person. You are romantic, passionate, tender and strong.
With these qualities, you can make happy your loved ones.

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