Choose a moon and find out what your subconscious says about you!

May 16, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Since different people can see the same thing and interpret it differently, we are all creators of our reality, that's why we see everything in different ways!

You just need to choose one moon that attracts you the most.

Moon No. 1.

If you chose this moon, you probably need to refresh your relationship with nature and with yourself. Right now, you need to revive hope in your life. Maybe you have some doubts, and you need something that will remind you that you are a wonderful person!

Moon No. 2.

If you chose this moon, then you are on the right path. You have a habit of asking a lot of questions. In some cases, it saves you from the wrong decisions, protects you from nervous shocks. You can be called a pragmatic and self-confident person. You can do everything in a right way! 

Moon No. 3.

If you chose this moon, you like simple things in life. You try not to leave your comfort zone but if you have to do this, you dream of getting back! You are a kind, calm person and thanks to these qualities your friends love and appreciate you.

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