Children Of Deceased Army Sergeant Hug Father’s Gravestone In Emotional Photo

May 03, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

When young brothers Mason and Mylan Brazel visited their father’s grave to see his headstone for the very first time at Arlington National Cemetery on Nov. 20, they curled up to take a nap with him.

“We brought a blanket. Mylan said he felt like he could feel his daddy, and he wanted to take a nap with him,” the boys’ mom, Kait Brazel of Colorado Springs, told ABC News.

A staff sergeant had passed away and was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. On November 20, his two sons came to the cemetery to see his headstone for the very first time. The two little boys, Mason and Mylan had brought with them a blanket. This may seem unusual for bringing into a cemetery, but the boys had their reasons. The boys wanted to sleep next to their father. Myla said to his mother that he could feel his father and wanted to take a nap with him.

Both boys spread the blanket on the grass next to their father’s headstone.

“He is laying there taking a nap with his dad and Mason is beside him praying,” she added. “They took time together with each other and I just stood back.”

She said her boys, ages 8 and 5, have “not once cried” about their father’s passing because, as a family, they are viewing it “much differently than people who get a devastating blow.”

“I tell them, ‘We are here as tools for God. God knew that Daddy was a really strong person, and there were some people God couldn’t reach unless he used Daddy as a tool,’” Brazel, 29, explained. “That’s how we went with it and how we justified it. That’s what we believe.”

Staff Sgt Alfred Brazel passed away after he was diagnosed with severe rectal cancer on July 31. The cancer had metastasized to the liver, taking away his life at just 37 years.

Alfred’s wife, the boys’ mother recalls the person that he was. He was a man with a mission and his mission was to reach out to people and bring them to God. She says that Alfred had a very fulfilling life and he did not have any regrets about his passing. He had lived a very fulfilling life. He fulfilled his purpose and he fought very hard in life.

Visiting their father’s headstone was a very special experience for the boys. It was almost like they could feel his presence and talked to him as if he was right there.The boys shared how Mylan seemed to be faring well in his fight class, the recent Halloween party he attended while Mason told him that he won a swimming competition.

They made sure to keep their father updated with what happened in their lives even if he wasn’t there.

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