Cancer-stricken Pregnant Mom Was Advised To Abort. But Her Brave Decision Changed Her Life

May 23, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Even though this woman was diagnosed with cancer and advised to have an abortion by the doctors, she was firmed to keep her child. And thanks to her strong resolve, she is now the happy mother of a healthy baby daughter.

Cancer-stricken Pregnant Mom Was Advised To Abort. But Her Brave Decision Changed Her Life

When Melissa Gormley and her boyfriend, Dave Good, were expecting a child, their joyful anticipation was shattered when she learned of her cancer.
Dave told the Daily Local News “We were so excited and were finally over the shock of ‘we’re pregnant,’” he continued. “We were finally starting to be like, ‘this is awesome, we’re going to be able to start our life together’ and then we get this news and we wondered, what does that mean for our new life?

“Did it mean it couldn’t happen anymore? Can we still have the baby? Is Melissa going to be OK? That was hard for me because it put a halt on everything,” said Dave.

That was when Melissa was given a terrifying question was posed to Melissa—doctors suggested the possibility of aborting the baby. But, she wasn’t having any of it. “Ending the pregnancy was not an option for me,” she firmly stated. “I knew that right from the beginning. Even if they were like ‘we can’t do anything for you,’ I would’ve waited. I was really just concerned for her.”

Melissa underwent chemotherapy. The plan was to have three rounds of chemo, check if the tumor had shrunk, and if it had, then have a fourth session. In the case that the tumor hadn’t shrunk, the baby shall be delivered via C-section then the tumor shall be surgically removed.

It was a tough time for the would-be parents, but they had a way of coming to terms with the stressful situation. Dave said “If we’re feeling sad about something, we’re like, ‘do you want to listen to the heartbeat,’ and it helps us feel better”.

Fortunately, things went well, and the baby was born via C-section. On his Facebook, Dave wrote: “She came out crying for her mommy, but had to settle for meeting daddy a few minutes later.”
“Mommy’s surgery went well but lasted a little longer than we expected.

She’s finally out and awake, recovering in the ICU,” he continued “We will post pictures of Olivia as soon as mommy gets to meet her. Thank you for all of your kind words, love, and support.”

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