Blonde Triplets Take a DNA Test and The Results Were Shocking

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The stunningly beautiful Dahm triplets are more alike than most other siblings can claim. They are completely identical, so taking a DNA test should reveal the exact same origins…right?

Third Time’s a Charm

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn are identical triplets, all of them with blonde hair and blue eyes. They were born on December 12, 1977, and from that moment on, they were in the spotlight.

Identically Born

From the moment the sisters were born, they were completely inseparable. This made it especially difficult for their parents, who had a lot of trouble telling them apart. Their solution was to put tiny tattoos (just a small spot) on their backsides. Nicole has one dot, Erica has none, and Jaclyn has two. Other than these tiny tats, there was basically no way to know which baby was which.

The Power of Three

Ever since the triplets came into this world, the spotlight was on them. People were intrigued at the idea of three healthy, beautiful, completely identical girls. The girls grew up in a small midwestern city called Jordan in Minnesota, which has a population of only 30,000 people. So it’s no wonder that they quickly began being recognized by talent scouts an modeling agencies for their incredible beauty and rarity.

Everything In Unison

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine being a triplet. The girls found that they rarely had their own identities apart from the “triplet” mindset. In a Playboy interview, one of the triples exclaimed that “[They] rarely had [their] own identity. [They] were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets.” The girls dressed the same way, played with the same toys, and even hung out with the same friends. There was no separation between them at all.

Magazine Covers

Of course the triplets didn’t stay hidden in their small town for very long. When they were 16 years old, they were featured on the cover of Teen magazine. Their long blonde hair and light blue eyes were only accentuated by the fact that there were three versions of them.The triplets obviously enjoyed the spotlight, and would soon move on to bigger and better types of photoshoots.

Modeling Was Never in the Plan

Following their Teen magazine shoot, the triplets decided to continue with their lives as normal and went on to enroll at the University of Minnesota for the nursing program. One day, however, they were out walking when they spotted a flier advertising tryouts for Playboy’s “Girls of the Big Ten special edition.” The triplets decided to give it a go, but they had absolutely no clue what it would eventually lead to.

Naked In Public

The girls spoke with the Playboy casting agent and revealed to him that they are triplets. Of course, that changed the entire game, and the girls were immediately invited to come to the studio for a photoshoot. They were aware, however, that being in a Playboy shoot would most likely require them to strip down for naked photoshoots that would be shown to the entire world.

Playboy Days

The sisters decided to go for it, as they had each other for support through it all. One sister revealed that they would have never done it as individuals, but because they had each other, they were able to make it though. Not surprisingly, the triplets were extremely successful with their nude shoots, and became the first triplets to be featured on Playboy’s monthly centerfold. And this led to many other opportunities for them.

Stardom Begins

The sisters did take up Playboy’s offer of the centerfold, and once it came out, their fame exploded. As Erica recalls it Playboy was the entire reason for the triplets’ fame. She explained: “Playboy started my life.” She continued,“It started all three of our lives. I would never change it for the world. It created the journey that we’re still on. It’s an amazing experience that I will never give up.”

Girls Meet World

After moving to LA to embark on their career of fame, the girls were a hot commodity for photoshoots and television shows. The triplets were featured in a Boy Meets World episode, as triplets who were staying in a dorm room near Eric and Jack. They have also grabbed themselves a spot on Family Feud with their older sister Lisa and their dad. They ended up winning $10,000 on that game show.

Finding Love

Along with many other television appearances, the girls snagged themselves a slot on the Fox reality TV show Renovate My Family, which was hosted by Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw. Jay took an interest in the middle sister, Erica. According to the triplet, they fell instantly or each other. As she recalls it: “Jay knocked on our trailer door and asked to watch a movie. He came in, and we started talking. He made some funny jokes and from then on I couldn’t fight it. It was love at first sight.”

Triplets and Doctors

Erica getting together with Jay opened up even more opportunities for the triplets, eventually leading to a shocking DNA test. Jay was one of the executive producers of a show called The Doctors. The show consisted of a panel of doctors who would sit and discuss different public health issues in a clear, understandable way. They would often feature celebrities on their show to come in and answer their own health questions.

A Triple Feature

In 2006, Jay and Erica got married and then came up with the idea to feature the triplets on the show. Being triplets, there were so many questions to be asked about their health and physicality. Not only were they extremely interesting, but they were also quite beautiful to look at, and therefore great for television. The girls started being featured often on the show, talking about a range of health related issues.

Three Plus Three

The triplets skyrocketed the show’s ratings (not surprisingly), especially when all three of them became pregnant at the same time. Going with the trend of doing everything together simultaneously, the triplets all carried their babies within the same time period. Of course, this was one of the best years for the show, especially because it gave them an idea of something to try out with the triplets.

Three Babies

Not only did the girls all carry their babies during the same period, but they also each had a baby girl born in 2010. After the births of their babies, the girls started settling down into motherhood. Seven years later (2017) The Doctors gave them a call to come back to the show, as they had a crazy idea that they thought would boost the show’s ratings by a landslide. The girls agreed to come in.

A DNA Experiment

In March of 2017, The Doctors (including Jay) approached the triplets to see if they would once more be featured on the show. Instead of their regular lineup, this specific episode would take a different turn. With the recent popularity of the at home DNA test, they decided to team up with journalist, Lisa Guerrero, from Inside Edition to investigate just how accurate these tests could be.

Taking The Test

It used to be that you would have to go to a DNA research lab for them to perform a (rather expensive) DNA test for you. With today’s technology, scientists have created a super simple, saliva based DNA test that can easily be taken at home (either with a cheek swab or a saliva sample) and then mailed into the lab for testing. Companies like and 23andme were some of the first to offer these amazing tests.

Super Simple

Since the release of these at home DNA tests, finding out your ethnic origins has become only too easy. Companies like and 23andme even offer features like maternal lineage, and locating relatives you never knew you even had. The triplets DNA test required a saliva sample, meaning that they had to spit into a vial and ship it back to the company. Then, their DNA would be analyzed against other genetic markers to see where they fall.

An Unexpected Outcome

Remember how the triplets wanted to enroll in nursing school before their big break in modeling? Well, it’s no surprise that they were excited to participate in this DNA analysis-focused episode of The Doctors. The girls took a 23andme DNA test, and shipped their samples back to the lab. Of course, they did not expect to be surprised in any way by their DNA, as it was supposed to be completely identical between the three of them.

The Test Results

The girls appeared on the show a few weeks after taking their tests, to have their results revealed to them. The first of the tests was to assure that they were in fact identical triplets. Not surprisingly, they are! The girls look and act so similarly, that it as no shock to them at all that their DNA came up as identical triplets, as even their fingerprints are similar enough to trick modern technology.

Test #2

The second test was a bit more detailed, and would find out if the identical triplets’ ethnic origins were also identical. Once again, there was absolutely no reason for the sisters, or anyone for that matter, to believe that the NA results would be anything short of completely identical. If the all came from the same parents and were identical in every way, wouldn’t that make their ethnic origins identical as well?

The Genetic Breakdown

The genetic breakdown of the girls’ ethnic origins was a little more than unexpected, as the girls came out with different percentages of countries of origin from one another. Each of their tests showed a 99% European origin, but when they broken it down into countries, that’s where things got weird. For example, the eldest, Nicole had results that she was 18% Irish and British. But Erica, the middle sister, was only 16%.

Bizarre Results

The show then proceeded to look even further into the details of the triplet’s DNA test results, and things got even weirder. The doctors then looked at the girls’ German and French heritage, and once again, the numbers came up completely different. Nicole was only of 11% percent German and French heritage, but her sisters ad much higher percentages of 18% (Jaclyn) and 22.3% (Erica).

This Doesn’t Add Up

The third and final segment of the DNA test looked into the triplets’ Scandinavian heritage, and the results were no less bizarre. At least this time, two of the sisters came up with the same results. Erica and Jaclyn’s results gave them a 7.4% Scandinavian ancestry. But eldest sister, Nicole, came out with an 11.4% results. This, once again, shocked everyone. How could it even be possible that the results could vary at all?

The Shocked Reactions

The triplets, and the audience, were completely stunned by the results and how different they were from one another. Nicole, the oldest triplet admitted that she was “…surprised because we came from the same egg and we have the same DNA.” The host of the show, Dr. Travis Stork, made a disclaimer to the triplets, the audience, and the people watching at home that these DNA tests should be used for entertainment purposes only, rather than scientific proof of ethnic origin.

How Could It Be?

The host of the show, Dr. Travis Stork, admitted that the varied results were most likely a product of an inaccurate DNA test. Not that the girls had done something wrong, but he explained that the take home tests cannot possibly be 100% accurate, as the are taken in the home in an uncontrolled environment, using only a spit sample. He continued that “…you can’t just spit in a cup and have every single answer that you are looking for.”

She Would Take The Test

Inside Edition journalist Lisa Guerrero had her own opinion about the take home DNA tests, which slightly differed from that of Dr. Stork. While she did admit that the tests were probably not 100% accurate in terms of exact percentage of origin, they still offered really great insight into your ethnic origins as a whole. She explained that she knew of her Latina and English origins, but she wanted to know how much she was of each one.

The Doctor’s Orders

Over the last couple of years, these taken home DNA tests skyrocketed in terms of popularity and consumption. And it’s not really hard to see why; people want to know who they are and where they come from. The doctors on the show do not completely dismiss the value of these tests, they only offer a disclaimer that they will never be 100% accurate with just a saliva sample from your home.

Looking Back

The Dahm triplets never expected to be where they are today, as they were just three girls from a small town in Minnesota. They never thought that they would turn out to be famous models, marry celebrities, and have guest appearances on all types of shows. They especially did not think they would play such a big part in DNA testing awareness. A lot has happened to the triplets in their lifetimes, and you won’t believe what they’re doing now.

What Are They Up To Now?

Since the show, the triplets have been perfecting their skills as mothers. Not only did each girl have a daughter born within weeks of each other, but they each went on to have sons as well. So now each triplet has a daughter and a son, and yet they still look as beautiful (and as identical) as ever. The triplets are enjoying motherhood very much, and they are finding a different kind of joy than they did in their Playboy days.

Rumors of Divorce

Ever since the triplets took their leap of faith into the celebrity lifestyle, the tabloids have not been easy on them. Erica and her husband Jay McGraw have been rumored many times to be getting a divorce, although there is no real evidence to this on either side. When you begin to live your life in the public eye, rumors like this are just a part of the package for famous couples like Erica and Jay.

A Beautiful Wedding

Erica and Jay got married in 2006, and the wedding was extravagant and beautiful. The wedding had only 400 guests, which is a rather small number for a celebrity affair. The couple each wrote their own personal vows to be read allowed in front of all of the guests. The families could not keep it together, and Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin (mother of the groom) actually burst into tears.

Popped The Question

Dr. Phil’s son, Jay, knew he wanted to marry Erica from the moment he’d met her. One day, in Dallas Texas, he decided to finally ask her. Here’s how he recalls it: “It was a few days ago that we were in Dallas, Texas and I got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me.” The ring he gave to Erica was five-carat platinum and diamond, and it had two green emeralds on it as well.

Identical Bridesmaids

In most weddings, the bridesmaids will all wear the same exact dress, so that they look as alike as possible. Of course, at the Dahm-McGraw wedding, the dresses weren’t the only thing that had the bridesmaids looking the same. Erica had her two sisters as her bridesmaids, and the three of them looked absolutely stunning. Erica, the bride, was dressed in a beautiful floor-length wedding good designed by Chado Ralph Rucci.

Dahm-McGraw Kids

Erica and Jay’s children, not surprisingly, are spitting images of both their parents. The daughter and son are both blonde with blue eyes, and they have Jay’s facial features. Unbelievably, the two children are the same sex and age as the other two sisters’ kids. The children’s names are Aver Elizabeth McGraw, the girl, and London Phillip McGraw, the boy. They see to be living very happy lives, and their grandparents are very involved with them.

Dr. Phil Loves Them

Despite his very busy career, Dr. Phil is very much involved in the lives of his children and his grandchildren. When Jay first told his father that he wanted to marry Erica Dahm, Dr. Phil was ecstatic about it. Jay confessed that he believes his parents love Erica as much as he does. Dr. Phil even admitted that he was so unbelievably happy that his son was getting the chance to marry the girl of his dreams.

Jaclyn’s Man

Erica was not the only triplet to get married and have children with a gorgeous husband. Jaclyn, the youngest sister, married Billy Dolan, a successful real estate agent. Following the trend, the two have a daughter and a son (both are, shockingly, blonde with blue eyes). The family seems very happy together, and reportedly take many vacations together and spend a lot of time with each other, despite both parents having busy careers.

Reflecting On It All

The girls have come a really long way since their first feature on the cover of Teen magazine. It is rather incredible how far they’ve come, seeing as the triplets were born in a tiny town in Minnesota, with only a few thousand residents. Ever since the Playboy centerfold, the girls’ lives turned into a wild ride. Erica recalled in a Playboy interview that “It was a fun and fast ride, and the best part was my sisters doing it with me.”

Loving the Limelight

Ever since the girls had their first real taste of fame during the Playboy shoot, they haven’t been able to get enough of the spotlight. In the recent past, the triplets appeared on a show called Relic Hunter. It’s a Canadian reality show about returning ancient artifacts to museums. While they love reality TV, the triplets did admit that they would love to do more Playboy shoots in the future.

They’re Still Cookin’

Being beautiful isn’t the triplets’ only talent. The three girls are masters in the kitchen. They recently decided to put their talents to the test and make some money off of them as well. So they opened up a Youtube channel and a cooking site where they feature delicious and unique recipes. They called it, unsurprisingly, TripletsGourmet. You can see what they’re up to today by subscribing to their Youtube channel.

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