American Family Adopt Girl From Uganda, But Was Sent Back After They Discovered Her Story

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A family that goes on to adopt, have a wonderful experience in rescuing a child and giving them a new life. Here’s a touching story of an American family, who went on to adopt a girl from Uganda, but sadly, she had to be sent back after this family discovered the truth behind this adoption story.

To adopt someone is the supreme way for affectionate and responsible couples to provide a child in need with an identity, a family, and a home. There are many people around the world, including celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who went on to adopt children from various countries, that were struck with disaster due to war, corruption, and poverty.

Well, with every trend, comes along the opportunists, trying to capitalize on taking advantage of this adoption fever, in order to make a quick buck.

An American family from Ohio, Jesica and Adam Davis along with their four children, were apparently a victim to this adoption scam. They passionately wanted to complete their family with another child, hence, they agreed to adopt a child from Africa

The adoption search ultimately ended with a six-year-old girl from Uganda, whom they assumed to be an orphan.

This American family was told that her father had passed away, leaving her abandoned at home for abuse by her mother. As she would not go to school since they couldn’t provide her with education.

They were misled by the adoption agency, regarding the mother being unable to take care of the young girl. This is why the agency felt, that the girl deserves to be given an opportunity for a better life.

In order to meet the girl Namata, they flew to Uganda in 2015. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be met in the small village, where she grew up. Sadly, she was located in an orphanage four hours from her village, behind windows with bars and without any toys to play.

Jesica and Adam took a frantic step to help the girl, they took her home as soon as possible.

They instantly fell in love with their newly adopted daughter, who blossomed at her new home. But after six months, all the happiness was going to come to an end. The girl became well versed in English and that’s when she expressed to her new parents, how much she was missing her mother.

She went on to tell them totally the opposite of what the adoption agency had shared earlier. Thereafter, the conscience of the American family began to prick, as they gradually got to know the real story behind the adoption.

Jessica went on to tell CNN, that every single thing they were told by the agency was a lie, after the girl’s revelation.

They felt disturbed, that they may have indulged in separating a child from a loving family. So, they went ahead and informed this delicate matter to the US State Department.

At the same time, they connected Namata with her biological mother via FaceTime video calling, as she was located by the workers at Uganda Reunite, a non-profit organization, whose goal is to reunite children with their real parents, after being taken away wrongly from Uganda.

That video calling was very helpful and heartwarming for the American family. They saw how Namata was all lit up while talking to her mom, an unexpected reaction from a girl that was abused. It came to light, that Namata’s mother was a victim and not a villain, as it was portrayed earlier.

They had a conversation with the mother, in order to be more clear. She went on to tell the American family, how she agreed to the adoption of a better education for her girl and on completion of her schooling, she would return back. No way did she fathom, that she was never ever going to see Namata after signing the papers.

Thanks to the FaceTime call, where they came to understand how her mother was duped by the adoption agency.

As per the Reunite Uganda representatives, in African countries, this is a very common con game played, which apparently, Namata’s mother fell victim to.

This is how they do it, by attending the church of the village and speak about giving a good life to the children and their education in Western countries. Thereafter, the mothers are first influenced, since most of them are single and struggling, to give up their kids with the hoax for better education and a promise of the child’s return as soon as it’s over.

Straightaway, the children’s are sent off to an orphanage, where they are put up for sale at $15,000 each to those families who are desperate to adopt.

On that given day, seven children from Namata’s village were taken to the orphanage, as per Reunite Uganda.

Since, Namata couldn’t be kept for long, which the Davis family were aware of, especially after knowing the truth. Hence, barely after a year, after bringing Namata into the family, they sent her back to Uganda, where she was finally reunited with her dearest mother.

Today, she is back to where she actually belongs. And her ill-fated story has made many families alert, who are in the process to adopt. Even though it’s been a heartbreaking experience, for the girl, her mother and the American family, many children are being saved from trafficking through the fake and illegal process on account of this incident.

We sincerely pray that Namata and the Davis family have a bright future since this horrific incident is now over for them.

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