A man wanted to be a genderless alien, and this is what he looks like now!

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Los Angeles is home to an alien born on earth who is on a mission to redefine the laws of living, in a radical way. Vinny Ohh, a 22-year-old makeup artist isn't afraid to bend the rules of existence and wants to make a statement, and how! He has forked out nearly $50,000 to become a genderless extra-terrestrial being. By the looks of it, he has almost made it to the end of his mission.

For Vinny, it wasn't about being trans or a male. It has always been about trying to not fit in a box or be defined by a label. For the mission, Vinny has undergone more than 110 cosmetic procedures and has removed his genitalia, belly button and nipples entirely, that put him back another $160,000.

"So far, I've spent $50,000 only in skincare and procedures including two rhinoplasties, facial fillers in my lips, cheeks and brow bone all to look extra-terrestrial. I do kinda look like a Martian now. I have a really big head, no eyebrows and I've just been connecting with that."

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he confidently asserts the reasoning behind his decision to become an E.T. "The overall image I want to do is that of an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female. I've wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17. I've been going to doctors to see if it's possible but had no luck. I don't want people to think I'm trying to change into a woman. I could live without sexual organs so why should I have a penis or a vagina? I don't see why I shouldn't have my genitals completely removed and have nothing down there."

The part-time model also wears blackened contact lenses, alien-like talons and unusual hair colors

To complete his alien imagery, Vinny regularly wears opaque black contacts and sports talon-like fingernails with outlandish costumes that earn him a lot of stares on the street. "My large black contact lenses are a necessity. It's like my pearl necklaces. I wear them to walk around everywhere I can. They make my eyes look supermassive, some people call it demonic but I think it looks beautiful like an animal."

Vinny with his signature Opaque eyes and talon-like nails.

Since his early teenage years, he always stood out for his dressing sense that made him a subject of bullying in school. He explained, "Even when I was 16, I was wearing full body suits and eight-inch platforms going outside in the day, so all of this feels very normal to me."

Now that this complete transformation has taken place, how does he identify himself? "When people ask me how I'd label myself, I tell them I am ‘extraterrestrial, hot mess, self-obsessed'. It's becoming my slogan,” Vinny answered gleefully.

Despite not identifying as gay, trans, or bi, Vinny is an LGBTQ activist who says that living inside a box is an idea that society foists upon everyone. But it isn't the way he wants to live.

Vinny explains, "over the years, I've realized I'm not gay, bi, trans or any of these things, I just want to be me. I inspire people in a certain way as I want people to stop labeling others or putting themselves in boxes."

His transformation came with a lot of curious questions. But he doesn't mind them. "Some people absolutely love me and see me as a celebration. They give a lot of compliments too. I don't look real and people love it. Some people have said they want their kids to be like me and that I'm an inspiration for children who don't feel like they belong. Other times I've had shopping carts chucked at me or I've been considered a sexual object by men and woman. I'm used to not fitting in."

It looks like he has caught the attention of reality TV shows as well as he's bagged an appearance on a show called The Plastics of Hollywood, where real-life plastic surgery addicts will live together in an attempt to nurture their talents.

The producer of the show Marcela Iglesias explained her decision to have him on the show. "Vinny is an alien for the new generation of people who want to look different. In 15 years, hundreds of people will want to look like him.”

And Vinny is visibly excited about his TV stint: “Through the show, I want people to know that gender roles in society don't matter and show them all that we need to be better human beings and nicer to one another and embrace the differences. My goal is to change everyone's mind about human dolls.”

Vinny (third from left) with other members of the show The Plastics of Hollywood.

Image Source: Universal Models and Talents

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