6 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy Making Love The Most

May 08, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

(6) Aries:

Ruled by Mars, Aries women are $exually active when it comes to $ex. Men, however, are quite unpredictable and wouldn’t give you time to get ready for bed. The passionate Aries will heat up your nerves!

(5) Pisces:

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces loves $ex but you need to give the fish the colors of changing ocean in bed. They will get bored if you stick to only one $ex position. Change them, surprise them and they will sail along with you.

(4) Libra:

Intellect turns on the balanced Libra. You need to seduce them with intellect before getting them laid. A good foreplay is necessary else the Libra will not be interested.

(3) Taurus:

Like the Libra, Taurus to needs a good amount of foreplay to get ready for $ex. They love caresses and that’s the best way to seduce them. Give them time and the bull will rock you in bed.

(2) Virgo:

Sensuality and physical attractiveness are the keywords to have $ex with Virgo. If you have both, then you don’t need to worry. Seduce them and see the magic.

(1) Aquarius:

Aquarius loves $ex more than verbal communication and is one of the wildest of all the zodiac signs, they always go for out-of-the-norm $exual encounters. Be prepared to get swept away.

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