19 Zodiac Pairs That Can Never Be Together No Matter How Much They Try

May 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Everybody wants to find their soulmate, the person they want to spend the rest of their lies with. And guess what? Zodiac can help you find who the perfect match for you is. There are various types of zodiac pairings that should be avoided if you want a happy married life.


Taurus just cannot handle or meet the needs of a Sagittarius. These two signs will never make each other happy in a long-term relationship. Taurus usually wants to settle down for things in life. Sagittarius wants to have some fun before they settle down. So, these two signs are just naturally not suited to complement each other.


A couple that is unnaturally compatible. Gemini are very needy people who want all their partner’s attention. Capricorn on the other side are nothing like that. Gemini also tent to be very unhappy when their needs are not met so this relationship can be pretty toxic.


Emotional and caring, these two are sadly destined not to be happy. Technically, they make a good couple. But Cancer is too emotional and in the end they will seem too needy for Aquarius. It looks like a forced relationship with no flow or rhythm.


charming and flirty, these two will never withstand the test of time. Leos want t0o be the center of attention. On the other hand, Scorpios do not let Leo be in the spotlight, which causes a lot of problems between them. They are constantly fighting for power and are destined to be unhappy.


caring and attentive at first, only leads to sadness in the long-term. Being completely opposite, these two signs tent to drive each other crazy after some time. Sagittarius might force Virgo to do things they don’t want to do, which eventually might kill all the chances for these to signs to be together for a long time.


what seems to be carefree isn’t always as it appears. These two signs might support each other emotionally, but there are no sparks or chemistry between them. They also tent to fight a lot, especially over small things.


reliability is important, but these two are far from being for better or for worse. Too much passion between them! They both like arguing and this is their biggest problem.


honesty and loyalty is not something you’ll find with this pair. Gemini are not very committed in love and immature. Capricorns, on the other side, are very responsible. This paired is unfortunately doomed from the beginning.


being exceptionally over-protective is not a recipe for a happy relationship. Aquarius people are very innovative and they don’t really like to live by rules. Cancer is quite the opposite. They are very sensitive and when they feel like they need to set boundaries they become very cold.


they are both romantic, but they are destined for a life of bitterness. They are very affectionate and can have a very good communication. Virgos are practical though, and Pisces very dreamy, and this is why these couples cannot work.


with not a lot of breathing room, Aries is bound to run for the hills. Cancers are extremely avoidant of sensuality. They are ready to be invested only in relationships with meaning, and with an Aries this is not possible to happen.


a mismatch of energies. They are both just too lazy and none of them is not willing to get things done.


routine vs. causality. They are both very good at arguing, but they always leave each other wanting more. They are very dynamic, and this might ruin their relationship.


it is easy to get swept up in this relationship, but the royal treatment will come to an end one day. They have nothing is common! Aries are sincerer than they should sometimes, and Cancer is very emotional. These two signs just don’t match.


the never-ending bickering will never continue. With them, it is always a battle of opposites. Capricorn are cold and Leos are very warm and passionate.


never being able to see eye-to-eyes is not a sign of healthy relationship. Virgos are perfectionists, something that Sagittarius will never be. They also fight a lot about small things, which eventually can be frustrating.


always wanting to fight. Opposites attract! The same differences that bring together, end up tearing them apart.


impulsiveness can drive a wedge in this relationship. Scorpios are very committed when it comes to love and they do not play around. Gemini have a double personality, they can be giving, but they also have a darker side that Scorpios don’t really appreciate.


they seek a practical life but end up hating each other. They have very different personalities. So, it is hard for them to get together.

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