12 Diseases Which Are So Mysterious Even Doctors Couldn’t Explain Them

May 29, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Not every disease is under the grasp of medical science. This may sound too scary to be true, but that is the case. Several curious conditions and disorders have killed people all over the world, and yet doctors have not been able to come to conclusions about their causes or even their symptoms. If it sounds like a frightening sci-fi movie, then buckle up. We are telling you about some of the most mysterious diseases which doctors have not been able to figure out.


An extremely rare mutation where muscles and tendons are replaced by bones. A person suffering from Fibrodysplasia will have an excess of bone tissues which will obviously restrict their movement and eventually the person won't be able to move at all. This condition could also be fatal and there are no certified treatments for this.

2. Encephalitis lethargica

Also known as sleepy sickness this condition leads to some terrible neurological disorders. This disease reached an epidemic like phase between 1915 to 1917. Its symptoms are a sore throat, weakness and the person can fall asleep anywhere at any time. Adolf Hitler once reportedly suffered from Encephalitis lethargica.

3. Exploding head syndrome

This might sound like a syndrome from a comedy movie but this ailment is quite terrible. A person affected by Exploding Head syndrome will hear loud, imagined noises around him, like explosions or gunshots. Doctors from all over the world have never been able to fully dissect why this syndrome occurs.

4. Stiff person syndrome

A very rare neurological disorder which is characterized by unusual stiffness and rigidness. In fact, at times the muscles just refuse to respond to reflexes and turn incredibly stiff causing the body to get paralyzed.

5. Nodding disease

A neurobiological disease which originated in Sudan in the 1960s. The ailment usually only affects children and is characterized by random head nods and malnourishment. Doctors believe the disease is viral and yet haven't vein able to conclude what exactly leads to this.

6. Sweating sickness

This condition was first discovered in England in the late 1400s. And since then there have been widespread cases of sweating sickness over centuries and doctors and medical practitioners could never agree on the cause of this disease. It is mysterious and would spread in a few hours and the person suffering from it can die on just a day. Symptoms include sweating excessively and shivering.

7. Foreign accent syndrome

A very curious speech disorder which might make people think you're faking an accent. It usually results from a stroke or intense migraines. This ailment leads people to develop weird speech disorders and gives them a bizarre accent.

8. Argyria

If you thought Argyria is just a myth or something made up for the movies, think again. Argyria gives a person a peculiar silver-blue hue which seems impossible to believe. This is caused by the built-up silver sediment in one's body and nobody knows how exactly it can be cured.

9. Stendhal Syndrome

Also known as Florence syndrome, this is perhaps the fascinating ailment of all time. This condition leads to a person feeling nauseous or dizzy when they experience or witness a thing in of beauty which has a personal resonate with their life. Basically, if someone saw a painting or sculpture that means a lot to their life, they might experience Stendhal syndrome.

10. Ebola

The most fatal disease on this list. Caused by the Ebola virus, this disease can lead to death and while Ebola has been back in headlines since last year, doctors till date have not been able to understand how the condition really works. More specifically how the virus causes the patient to bleed out and eventually die.

11. Gulf war syndrome

The syndrome affected the people who had been a part of the 1991 Gulf War. This disease is characterized by fatigue, hallucinations and intense headaches. And while thousands of war veterans have been affected by it, medical experts have not been able to agree on the exact causes of the disease.

12. Peruvian meteorite syndrome

In 2007, after a meteorite hit the Peruvian village of Carancas, villagers were struck with a mysterious illness. They began vomiting multiple times a day after experiencing terribly noxious odor which experts believed emerged from the crater left by the meteorite.

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