Your Life Path Number Is More Than a Personality Type

April 09, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Our life revolves around numbers, starting with mathematics from the childhood. But not only studies and business, numbers have a special part in our destinies too. The numerological study which is a part of the non-materialistic world shows that numbers can lead us to the truth of our soul and life. A single number can show us like a mirror our inner face, our hardships which are about to come, and our nature.

This single number is known as the Life Path Number. You have to follow this process in order to reach out to the number: First, you are required to write your birth month, date and year. For example, if your birth date is 8th June 1989 then it will look like 8/6/1989. Now, these numbers are needed to be summed up and reduced to a single digit step by step. First, the date and month are to be reduced in this process (8+6)=14=1+4=5. Then the same needs to be done with the year (1+9+8+9)=27=9. Summing up the total will be 9+5=14=5. So your Life Path Number is 5.

Astrology and Numerology are quite relatable since both of them tell us about our nature and possible incidents of life. According to Felicia Bender, though astrology and numerological studies are quite similar, this life path number provides a glance of our life motto. When there is a guide to lead us, we feel more content and relaxed to go on with life. Also, it keeps us from going to wrong path which can only lead to suffering as a result of bad decisions.

There are nine life path digits which reflect equation of our lives:

1 Life Path

The Leader

Nature: Distinct, Freedom Lover, Sovereignty

Hurdles: To brush up self-reliance power and to be bold.

2 Life Path

The Diplomat 

Nature: companionship, affection, equity

Hurdles: to divert feelings in the proper way.

3 Life Path

The Socializer 

Nature: jolly, free, innovative

Hurdles: to be positive during hardships.

4 Life Path

The Worker

Nature: orderliness, strict, vigor

Hurdles: to maintain aim and demand of defense.

5 Life Path

The Free Spirit

Nature: experience, progression, variation

Hurdles: to maintain a routine for organized life.

6 Life Path

The Nurturer

Nature: liability, kinship, aims

Hurdles: making the four walls feel like home for the important people in life.

7 Life Path

The Intuitive

Nature: pensive, brooding, illusion

Hurdles: giving importance to brain rather than to heart.

8 Life Path

The Power Player

Nature: leadership, achievement, mundane

Hurdles: management of leadership and power according to time.

9 Life Path

The Humanitarian

Nature: kind, sympathetic, obtaining

Hurdles: gaining from every adventure of life.

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