You'll Never Guess Why This Young Woman Wears A Shell Bra And Fish Tail Daily

April 25, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

A 20-year-old girl from Florida has decided to make being a full-time mermaid her day job. Little girls grow up watching fantasy movies like The Little Mermaid and think about how cool it must be to be a real-life mermaid or come across one in the ocean.

For Kelly Hygema, swimming in the ocean in a shell bra and fish tail is a reality, and she also gets to meet different, interesting people as part of her profession. She splits her time between being on land and being in the water, where she is often a part of photo and film shoots.

Kelly told MailOnline,

In my senior year of high school, I sold my last hog to purchase a mermaid tail. I found out about the online mermaid community from social media where I spent a large portion of my time. At 18 I received my tail from the mertailor and began my mermaid journey.

She doesn't just get photographed and swim underwater with different sea creatures. She also works as a performer for parties and other family events and festivals. Kelly posts photos of the way she has managed to bring her mermaid dream to life, and it has helped her garner over 11,000 Instagram followers.

She has since moved to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, and shared a powerful reason behind her mermaid getup.

Kelly talks to children about conversation and the way that it can help the ocean and the environment. She also works on an anti-bullying campaign with the help of another mermaid named Mermaid Kariel.

Mermaid Kelly has her own YouTube channel where she shares videos of how to make a shell bra, how to get the perfect mermaid makeup look, and even just some clips of her daily swimming routine.

Sounds like she has the most magical job of all!

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