Which Mythical Creature You Are, Based On Your Astrology Sign

April 12, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what the signs might be if they were ancient mythological creatures?

Greek mythology is all about explaining why and how we exist. Exposing both the light and dark emotions of humanity; shame, lust, pride, the mythological creatures mirror it all. Some would be ten-foot tall creatures that are filled with aggression and the ability the scare the living daylights out of you whilst other’s would be shrouded in mystery and like the stuff of urban legends.
Here’s low down on what mythological creature each zodiac sign would be!

Aries: The Centaur

You are headstrong, energetic, and a natural leader. Your energy and strength make you productive and courageous. All of the fairy tale creatures look up to you in awe. You take pride in your battle skills and luxurious mane, but you can get a little big for your britches. Even fearless leaders need to take a note from Kendrick and Be Humble!

Aquarius: The Nymph

As an Aquarius, you are innovative, logical, unique, and friendly. You care about how people are being treated and fight off any nasty monsters that might give them trouble. Some might find you hard to understand due to your “out there” nature, but you know your head belongs in the clouds – that’s where the best ideas are. You sometimes hide from your own emotions by turning into a tree or a bush, but hey, who likes to be vulnerable?

Cancer: The Fairy

You are patient, nurturing, compassionate and sensitive. You love helping other fairies move into their toadstool houses and delivering herbs to the local witches. When you see a wounded mouse, you’re the first one to mend his tail with a sprinkle of magic dust. While you are extremely careful with the feelings of others, many are not so careful with yours. You often are described as “moody” by more brutish creatures who just can’t understand the suffering that a passionate soul can endure. It’s not easy being everyone’s shoulder to lean on, but you love it all the same.

Capricorn: The Oracle

You are responsible, practical, and well-disciplined, which comes in handy when so many people look to you for counsel. The gods gave you the ability to see the future, and so you are the most knowledgeable of the land. However, this ability comes with some cons. You tend to see the worst in people (because you already know what they will do) and you can come off as condescending. But when you’ve seen people make the same mistakes throughout all time, it gets a bit tiring. We can’t blame you.

Gemini: The Siren

Geminis are charming, social, and adventurous, which is why so many sailors fall to their deaths to meet them! You can chat with almost anyone you meet, but you prefer flirting with your victims. Your favorite catchphrase is: Come on in, the water’s fine! People may call you two-faced or a gossip, but they’re just jealous that they can’t pull in the babes like you.

Leo: The Griffin

You are a Leo, and you let everyone know it. You are honest, bold, loyal and expressive. With the heart of a lion and the wings of an eagle, you love to be the center of attention. And why shouldn’t you? You’re amazing! Whoever says your arrogant wishes they could lay giant golden eggs like you.

Libra: The Gnome

A Libra is laid back, sincere, fair, and stylish. You strive to put everything in your life in total balance, from the number of mushrooms dotting your lawn to the precise color of your hat. You have to have everything in perfect harmony, and if that means buying another pair of shoes to go with your hat, then you do it for the sake of matching. So what if they call you over-indulgent. At least you look good!

Pisces: The Satyr

You are a dreamer with a big heart, and you are admired for your artistic spirit. Others love to hear you play your flute and are left in awe of the depth and emotion of your work. At the end of the day, you love to relax by yourself and indulge in some me-time. Some say you have on rose-colored glasses, but what’s wrong with seeing the beauty all around you?

Sagittarius: The Dragon

You are fearless, optimistic, and witty. You love to have lots of friends who like to take risks with you, and rescuing that prince or princess in distress is just one of your pastimes. You can make anyone laugh, but try not to fry your audience with that fire-breath. One day your thrill-seeking nature may land you on the business end of a knight’s sword if you aren’t cautious!

Scorpio: The Phoenix

Scorpios are curious, determined, intense, and passionate. Like the scorpion, who can lose his tail and grow it back, you can take a fall, learn from it, and be reborn again into someone new – literally. Your fiery passion burns through you, and whatever you put your mind to is soon to be yours. Your endless curiosity only fuels your fire. If anyone around you plucks the wrong feather, they may be turned to ashes, because your temper matches your personality: bright, intense, and hot hot hot.

Taurus: The Cyclops

You are reliable, realistic, practical, and organized. Even though you only have one eye, you have more focus than most of the signs. You can be depended on, which makes you a valuable friend and ally. You aren’t prone to fantasy – rose-tinted glasses have two lenses, after all – and so you have a good sense of reality. People say you never leave your comfort zone, but if it’s not scheduled in your planner, it simply wasn’t meant to be.

Virgo: The Elf

Virgos are analytical, detailed, introverted and hard working. You are always thinking, and take pleasure in the details. Your pointed ears are always listening for the music no one else hears below all of the everyday noise. You are careful and precise in all that you do, but it can lead to obsession. Even so, the tiny bells on your shoes do look much nicer at that angle. You tend to close others out and live inside your own head, and others mistake you for cold and distant. It’s their loss because a Virgo makes a loyal and honest friend.

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