What spirit animal does each sign have?

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Have you thought about your spirit animal? A great way to discover it is by going to the astrological sign. 

Aries - Tiger

Aries are known to be very authentic people of heart. In other words, they enjoy great personalities and are really smart about the way they handle their lives. They are also very kind and gentle to everyone they love, but they can also become furiously dangerous to all who dare to challenge them. For such reasons, their personalities and their soul are as elegant as the spirit animal that guides them, the tiger. Continue with us to learn more about the rest of the signs!

Taurus - Wolf

There is no doubt that the bullfighting is tremendously stubborn souls who always decide to live life on their own terms. As with wolves, they have solitary spirits that they love with all their heart, and they would do everything possible to protect those they love, no matter what the cost. In the same way, the members of Taurus are people who live in a simple way, but who have certainly complex personalities, as well as their spirit animal, the wolf.

Gemini - Panther

Everyone will know that Geminis are tremendously mysterious souls. You could say that they are enigmatic and that they have very stratified personalities. When the rest of the people try to understand them and believe that they have come to really know them, they always end up using a facet that nobody knew and that surprises a lot. Quiet and composed from the outside, but intrepid and pensive from the inside, Gemini combines perfectly with his spirit animal, the panther.

Cancer - Dog

People who belong to the sign of cancer stand out for being truly loyal and incredibly trusting. Also, they value honesty very much when it comes to a loving relationship, and they will always be there when you need them most. It is possible that not everyone gets to love a real Cancer, but without a doubt, they are the people we need to have in life since they will not hesitate to protect you under any situation. They enjoy a deep sense of trust, loyalty, and affection that makes them like their spirit animal, the dog.

Leo - Peacock

What can we say about these subjects that have not already been said thousands of times? The Leos are people of an elevated spirit who stand out for being very independent by nature and who have great confidence in their abilities. Likewise, they know very well the objectives to be followed and what they most desire, being aware at all times of who they are and what they are capable of, so they do not mind showing their beautiful being. The Leos, therefore, are very similar to their spirit animal, the peacock.

Virgo - Eagle

If you have one or several people of Virgo in your family circle or friendships, you will know with certainty that these people are sharp, alert and extremely intelligent. Basically, they are free souls who like to wander through their own world full of order and fantasy. They are quite brave and daring and yearn to climb great heights beyond the reach of ordinary souls. The Virgo members, therefore, congenitally match with their spirit animal, the eagle.

Libra - Panda Bear

For the most part, people of the Libra sign are sweet, warm and very beautiful by nature. They are usually jovial, love to have fun, and are adorable individuals with respect to the way they treat others. Also, they are relaxed and usually take their lives calmly, which makes them perfect companions and incredible good friends. In this way, therefore, the pounds are very much like their spiritual animals, the pandas.

Scorpio - Lion

Possibly one of the strangest and most hidden signs of the entire zodiac wheel, but that hides an incredible amount of beauty inside. Scorpios are exceptionally brave and intrepid souls, truly considered as the owners of their own hearts and minds. Basically, they are fierce and frank, becoming brutally honest most of the time. If there is one thing that they value greatly, it is their sense of freedom, something they know how to combine very well with their spirit animal, the lion.

Sagittarius - Cat

As you know well, Sagittarians are extremely intelligent people who remain alert most of the time. They also excel in reading all kinds of situations to adapt to them quickly. However, it is not only their great intellect, but they are also pragmatic, which makes them highly ingenious beings. They enjoy a very sharp wit that gives them the ability to turn a situation into something advantageous, like their spirit animal, the cat.

Capricorn - Horse

Everybody has a Capricorn in their life, so it's no surprise to know that they are very wild, raw and free people, who like to live on their own terms (in this aspect they look a lot like Taurus). In addition, they consider themselves free souls and do exactly what their heart dictates. On the other hand, they cannot be tied with chains, since their spirits fly quickly to all places, being that liberated soul is what most matches their spirit animal, the horse.

Aquarius - Bear

Aquarius are individuals who can become extremely attentive to all those they love, but who do not walk around with nonsense if someone oversteps their patients. They have great skills to tear apart their competition, but they can also nurture people as if they were their offspring. If you have bad luck and you place yourself on the wrong side of an aquarium, it will be like an invitation to danger, and that is what makes the members of this sign like their spirit animal, the bear.

Pisces - Vulpine

Pisceans are very quiet and gentle people who like to keep themselves away from the direct path. This means that a Pisces lives in his own world and does his own thing as he wants. But when they need it, they can also become astute and extremely insightful. Quick wit and always alert, they can go from affectionate to fierce and angry when they are provoked for no apparent reason. Pisces, therefore, reflects his spirit animal very close, which is the fox. 
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