Ways To Recognize A Toxic Person

April 18, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Negativity exists everywhere, but it's especially apparent in toxic people. They can manipulate you, influence you and betray you. Most of the time, you can't even tell if someone is toxic until they've already hurt you or someone you care about. You've most likely encountered a toxic person and probably didn't even know it... at least, not until it was too late. Here are 15 ways to recognize a toxic person, so your life can be free of negativity.

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The truth isn't their priority. Small omissions from their stories can play big parts in their manipulative, dramatic games.

They harshly criticize and use sarcasm to make it "okay." Sure, everyone dishes out criticism towards other people, but when it's harsh and laced with sarcasm—so they don't feel pressured to apologize—then that's not okay. A toxic person will often say "It was a joke! Get over it already!" as a way out of conflicts.

There are no straight answers. When the person is dodging your questions or dancing around the point, then they're likely toxic. A simple "yes" or "no" isn't in their vernacular because they're probably hiding the truth.

They constantly play the victim. Rarely does a toxic person accept responsibility for any kind of problem. They play the blame game on everyone (their parents, their roommates, their boss, their significant other, etc.) but themselves.

They treat strangers poorly. They'll berate a waitress for no real reason; gossip about a neighbor, and complain how a construction worker in the street is "never doing their job!" Toxic people look down on those they don't respect, and these ordinary citizens are definitely on the bottom of their list.

Gossip is a top priority. Everyone loves to dish sometimes, but toxic people rely heavily on gossip. It's their only way through a conversation when it isn't about themselves.

Exaggerations about their lives are common. Did you hear they're going to California on vacation so they can sleep with their favorite musician? Or did you about the time when they went to the beach and everybody was looking at them? To a toxic person, bragging is the best thing about their day—especially when the truth isn't their priority.

There's always drama. No matter what the situation, there's always a need for drama. They'll stir it up if they have to, no matter what the consequences may be.

They like to control. If you feel pressured to walk around eggshells with the person, then they're toxic. Not being able to go the place you want to, hang out with certain friends or even eat the things you want, all because of this one person? They're toxic.

Dependency on drugs and/or alcohol. In order to battle their own demons, they rely on drugs or alcohol. They can't find a way to connect with nontoxic people, so they instead embrace the party culture.

They're often desperate to get into a relationship. Their dependency on drugs or alcohol goes further with their dependency on having a romantic partner. They're too needy to live otherwise.

The person talks too much and listens too little. Everything has to be about them all the time, never about you or anybody else. if they're listening, it's usually because the conversation is about them.

Living in past relationships. The toxic person will too often bring up their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, like any of it really matters. What they're really doing is 1) routing conversation to be about them, 2) placing blame on a person who isn't in the room and 3) gossiping. It's the ultimate kind of conversation for toxic people.

They need to be right all the time. Arguments get tiring with toxic people. This is because they need to be right, even if the circumstances are outlandish.

Your gut instinct is telling you to get out as soon as possible. It's not hard to recognize a toxic person from a healthy person once you put their behavior under the microscope. Plus, your natural intuition definitely knew before you did.

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