Two Children With Down Syndrome Have The Purest Love Relationship

April 06, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

There’s a lot of things that we can all learn from children. And one of those things is how to love. Photographer Erika Franta of Erika Brooke Photography always shoots photos for the Down Syndrome Association’s calendar.
She was completely taken aback by the love that Joey and Ellie, two children with Down syndrome, share.

“As a photographer, I bear witness to many kinds of love,” Franta told Love What Matters. “But in my 28 years of life, I am unsure that I have ever seen a love this pure.”

When Franta was photographing Joey as “Mr. December” he suggested that his girlfriend Ellie be involved in the photoshoot.
She was in awe of how sweet Joey was toward Ellie when she was afraid to walk near the water.

He gently told her that it would be OK and held her hand. And when Joey needed Ellie, she was there for him too.

“When Joey was hesitant to smile, Ellie was tickling and chasing him to cheer him up,” Franta explained. “As I watched them interact I just thought to myself, ‘Wow. They already have it all figured out.'”
Franta was beyond inspired by what she saw when observing these two children.

“They are everything as children that I could ever hope to be as an adult. In that short hour, they encouraged me to be a better version of myself, to choose to see the good and to love a little more selflessly,” Franta wrote. “If only we all saw the world as purely as Ellie and Joey do, what a beautiful world it would be.”

Joey’s mom Holly told Love What Matters that not only do Joey and Ellie have a strong bond but their families do too.

They were both born in the same small town just six months apart.

“When Ellie was born 6 months after Joey, mutual friends let us know how important it was that we contact each other,” Holly explained. “From our first get together to today, Joey and Ellie have a bond, as well as their families. We get each other’s struggles and triumphs. We consider each other family.”

Holly says that the two children consistently show their families “that love matters most” above all.
They encourage their siblings to teach others about what it’s like to have Down syndrome.

“Their sisters are already educating their friends and classmates about Down syndrome and how Joey and Ellie are just like them,” Holly wrote. “In exchange, Joey and Ellie have taught their siblings about compassion, kindness and accepting all kinds of differently-abled people. A lesson that is not always easy to teach children.”

Holly says that Joey is extremely protective of Ellie and is the perfect gentleman. He always helps her into her chair and makes sure she has snacks when she visits.
He always greets her with a hug.

“I am not sure when it happened, but Joey began calling Ellie his girlfriend. He will tell us on a weekly basis that he is going to marry Ellie. We think this could work out nicely for all of us!” Holly explains. “When they see each other outside of school, they immediately hold hands, hug and just look into each other’s eyes. It is as if they know something we do not.”

Unlike some older couples, these two always look for the best in each other.

“Love is a beautiful thing, and watching them love and see the best in each other is simply easy for them. They are specially-abled, as we would say. They have no apprehension to show their feelings for each other,” Holly says.

Well, we absolutely can’t wait to see their wedding photos down the line!

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