This Video Shows What Happens To The Baby If The Mother Smokes During Pregnancy

April 11, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Doctors are now able to see what is happening with fetuses if the mother is smoking, and this is possible because of the ultrasound technology in HD 4-D.

Several years ago doctors were not sure, but the new technology shows the picture in which it can be seen that fetuses between twenty-four and thirty-six weeks of development seriously react to smoking.

Twenty pregnant women were included in a study which was published in Acta Pediatric journal in 2015. Among the mothers, there were four who smoked about fourteen cigars per day, and sixteen mothers did not smoke at all.

Every mother received four ultrasounds during three months. The outcomes were outrageous. Can you imagine what could be happening? The fetuses looked stressed and irritated because of the smoking.

They wriggled and moved their mouth more than other fetuses. According to the doctors, these babies’ central nervous system did not develop at the same rate as other fetuses.

The author of the study, Dr. Nadja Reissland says that babies of women who smoked had different facial movements in comparison to babies of women who did not smoke. Luckily, all babies were born healthy, but that is not an excuse.

Mothers could have control they need for smoking during pregnancy. Dr. Reissland says that depression and stress affect fetal movements, and mothers need to have control.

However, nicotine exposure has also a negative effect on fetal development which is even more harming than depression and stress. Watch the video below to see the shocking images of unborn babies.

The CDC says that if women smoke during pregnancy, they may risk preterm birth, low birthweight, baby cannot get enough oxygen, and tissue damage in the brain and lungs. If you are a mother who is bearing a child, please, stop smoking for the sake of your baby.

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