This Is Why All White Witches Consider The Crow A Very Important Symbol

April 04, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Crows are a big part of a witch’s life. If you’re a witch like me, you’ll always be able to sense the ones near you, even if you cannot actually see them.

I’ve always found their presence comforting like they’re always keeping watch for me. Their cawing from among the trees, especially in the cemetery near my house as a child, has always sounded reassuring.

Crows are linked to cemeteries because of their special ability to pass back and forth through the physical and spiritual worlds.

It is their duty to help souls that need to cross over to the next world. One of my clients once told me about a wonderful incident that occurred after her father’s funeral.

She was in his house when she heard a noise in the next room. When she went to investigate, she was surprised to see a crow flying around in a room that had been fully closed all that time!

She immediately let it out and when she did, she was suddenly overcome with the sensation of her father’s soul flying free. She understood that the crow was telling her that her father was in heaven.

Crows and ravens have made many appearances in various mythologies. The only difference between them is that the raven is larger and more unkempt.

They are both connected to what is seen and what cannot be seen and are often considered to be pranksters because they are very smart birds.

According to Greek mythology, the crow belonged to Apollo and astrologers would predict the future depending on the direction in which they flew. Crows flying towards the east or the south were thought to bring good fortune.

In Native American lore, the raven is seen as a sign of upcoming change or transformation. The Celts believed in Morrighan, a war goddess who would come to people in the guise of a raven or crow.

All these cultures saw these two birds as manifestations of an occult power. You are very fortunate if your familiar or spirit animal is a crow.
Crows help us understand the spiritual world and assist us in our spiritual growth. They can teach us to balance the light and dark within ourselves.

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