This Fireman Saved a Baby Girl and She Thanked Him by Inviting Him to Her Graduation 17 Years Later

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Dawnielle Davison survived a fire when she was a baby of nine months. Thanks to a brave man, she was rescued without any injuries. Seven years ago, she didn't have any clue about the accident she was saved from, and the fireman contacted her on Facebook. Now, Dawnielle wanted to thank him somehow.

1. Fireman Rescues Baby Girl

Nineteen years ago, a fireman called Mike Hughes saved Dawnielle from a burning house. For him, that was a regular shift, but for the girl, that day made a difference between life and death. "The operation went perfectly. There wasn't a single thing we could have done differently," Mike said to the press.

2. Mike Was Her Hero

Brave firefighters are used to doing dangerous stuff and dealing with the risky situations, but the image of a man carrying the baby out from the burning house made the headlines. Mike saved a lot of people, but this was the first time that he saved a baby.

3. Mike Got in Touch with Her Seven Years Ago

Back in 2010, Mike decided to contact the girl he saved. He sent her a message on Facebook and told her about that day. She was confused because no one had told her about the fire and the incident.

4. She Came up with an Amazing Idea

Dawnielle decided to invite him to her graduation. She wouldn't be there in the first place if it wasn't for him.

5. That Was a Nice Gesture and Something That Everyone Would Appreciate

Mike was very proud of Dawnielle. "It was really cool for her to invite me. For her to acknowledge me, and be happy about it, that's just really special. I thought, boy, that's one cool kid," Mike explained to the press.

6. Dawnielle Was Also Pleased He Was There

"I thought it would be really nice to have him come to my graduation. I feel like I owe him a lot," she confessed.

7. She Is Now a Big Girl with a High School Diploma

This is Dawnielle with her friends after receiving her diploma.

8. Dawnielle's Reaction Was Better Than Expected

Keep in mind that the girl didn't know about the fire nor about her being rescued. Why her parents kept that secret from her is unknown. Maybe they wanted to protect her in some way?

9. Now When She Knows the Whole Story, She Has a Friend for Life

"It's a miracle that I did come out of that (fire). I feel like I owe him so much. It's just amazing that I have got to meet the guy who saved my life," said Dawnielle.

10. She Is Planning to Become a Vet

This charming girl is going to college soon, and she is planning to become a veterinary tech. But what about her hero?

11. The Brave Fireman Has Something to Smile About

They will remain friends for life. You can't help but wonder if he keeps in touch with every person he saves. And we hope they all turned out just fine, same as Dawnielle.

12. Take a Look at This Moving Story

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