Things You do When You Have an Alpha Personality

April 10, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Having an alpha personality induces a certain way of communicating and interacting with others which is more often than not misinterpreted by beta personalities. It is not your fault that they perceive you in a certain manner. What you can do to improve the situation is to understand and empathize with them and learn what they are not.

This is a key to better communication and enhanced way of conveying your message more clearly. To make sure you are not leaving a wrong impression on beta personalities or appear overwhelmingly controlling you should accommodate for following factors in your daily interactions so that the intended message is conveyed.

1. Expressing your opinion

If you have an alpha personality and you are stating your opinion on a subject it is but natural that you would seem a little imposing to a beta personality. In this situation it would do you good to take your audience into confidence and then proceed with your point of view. For example you could acknowledge what the others had to say like” I understand your viewpoint but…” so as to make them understand that you fully appreciated what they had to say before delving on the topic yourself. It is necessary because otherwise beta personalities would deem you as distant and selfish and feel like your opinion is only meant to downgrade their viewpoint which is of course not your intention to begin with.

2. Appearing distant and anti-social

As an alpha personality you have your priorities set and you know how to spend each minute of your time but this discipline might put off beta personalities. They might view you as a person who prefers solitude and might stop interacting with you. Instead of letting them build their perception about you as anti-social individual just explain to them why you need to spend more time by yourself rather than in the company of others. It would clear the confusion over the matter and you will be viewed as someone who is approachable and easy to get along with.

3. You never let emotions get the better of your reason

If a situation involves a lot of emotion and drama and little to no self-growth, an alpha personality will view it as a waste of time. The whole episode might not concern you in the least but a beta personality will view this trait as a lack of empathy in you. You might be considered as someone who is like a robot completely devoid of emotions. In this scenario it is better to become a good listener and try to be as understanding of others as possible despite of the negative impact of this on your productivity. It is desirable to get emotionally involved even at superficial level just to aid someone in their difficult times.

4. You let your actions do the talking

You have a very optimistic outlook on life and this positivity emboldens you to take more risks. Beta personalities will try to talk you out of it but your self-belief is stronger and you may entertain their opinion but take actions on your own gut-feeling. You will silently work towards your goal and let the results speak for themselves.

Finally we just want to say that everyone has their unique personality traits and we are not recommending you conform to others. They misinterpret your actions due to their own lack of ability, but as a strong, efficient personality it is not that difficult to convey yourself in a more transparent manner.

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