Thigh Gap And S*xual Energy, What’s The Connection?

April 04, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Sex. That powerful, primal force that drives our behavior and ensures humanity is here to stay is a fascinating thing. You know how people check out each other? While it can be creepy sometimes, those split-seconds of mutual body-scan are probably never going away, and today we’re taking a dive into the infamous thigh gap phenomenon.

So, ladies, when was the last time a guy (or a gal!) checked you out from top to bottom? It was probably this morning, right? Or maybe 15 minutes ago. So why does it happen, why do you do it to others too, and what does it all mean?!

StyleCraze have done their homework and tried to provide an answer rooted in science. Basically, men’s instincts are wired to check a potential mate for their chances to provide a healthy offspring. Naturally, their eyes quickly, unconsciously flit from bosom to hips, to booty – the unconscious mind running its thousands of silent calculations.

While women’s patterns of checking out men are slightly different, they still exist, and they’re still evolutionarily, biologically conditioned. So we might just accept these facts and chill, because they’ve been with us for a long time, and no amount of conscious suppression has ever done any good.

But what to make of the thigh gap? Well, science is pretty clear that hip size and the way legs form has much to do with women’s hormones. Based on that, here’s how the thigh gap can correlate with attractiveness and you know, being naughty in bed. While this is pure speculation and kinda silly, who says it can’t be fun?

Here’s a handy guide to ascertain your thigh gap type. Are you A, B, C, or D?

A Type

Or basically, no gap, or a minimal one between your knees or ankles. This could indicate that you’re quite tame and tender when it comes to lovemaking. Men could be attracted to your ultra femininity because this kind of gap makes you appear slender. You may hold yourself back in bed or feel shy, which can then make men lose interest in you. Suggestion: try taking the initiative sometime. If you have no discernible sexual fantasy, invent one. Imagination is a powerful thing, after all. Then whisper it in your man’s ear and… Oh, my.

B Type

Boy oh boy, that’s one long, wide gap! This could mean you’re quite open when it comes to the down and dirty in the sheets, and you might drive men crazy with sexual satisfaction. You’re a woman who takes charge when it comes to passion and can even be a dominatrix (or fantasize about it). This combination of intense enthusiasm and an overbearing nature can turn off some partners though. So, learn some self-control. Master the sword of your passion. It is only then when it becomes the most effective gift.

C Type

Thighs are pretty close, but the knees spread their wings. The image of balance, this can mean that your sexual energy might work best when combined with a partner who will be your equal. You can go from a shy girl to a wildcat in bed, but your partner will have to dance the dance. Enjoy because you can have it all!

D Type

Most women have the type D thigh gap. While it’s very common, it shouldn’t get you down. You may be prone to taking the traditional route and might scoff at wild sex poses, favoring the few classical ones. You are, however, a very stable person, and this makes men confident when making love to you. Sometimes it pays off not to be a jack of all trades, but a master of one!

Not happy with your result? Don’t overthink it, because as I said above, this is nothing but some fun speculation. Whatever your type of thigh gap and sexual nature, embrace it – because it’s then when its the most fun.

Happy lovemaking!

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