They're Not All The Same Nine Common Types Of Vulva

April 09, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

For many women, their own vagina is still a taboo subject. The media frequently conveys a certain, ideal image of the vulva, which has become fixed in many women’s heads, and also in men’s. When a woman’s own vagina doesn’t conform to this standard, all too often this can leave her feeling deeply ashamed. As a result, a number of women opt for cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of their labia in an attempt to make it more beautiful.

But the truth is that there is absolutely no need for that.

Did you know that there are nine different types of vulva and each of them has its own advantages?

1. The Closed One

This type of vulva is characterized by the complete encapsulation of the inner labia by the outer labia. In many people’s heads, as well as in the media, the closed vagina is considered the height of beauty. However, this overlooks the fact that only a few women have this type of vagina.

2. The Bulb

Similar to the closed vagina, the inner labia of this vagina are not visible. The outer labia, however, are further from the pubic bone and appear bigger in size as a result.

3. The Tulip

Like a blooming flower, the inner labia extend a little way past the outer lips but they don’t completely show.

4. The Full Bloom

This kind of vagina is much more common. The inner lips are fully visible between the outer ones. In some African countries, this type of vagina is even considered the ideal.

5. The Horseshoe

With this vulva, the inner labia are enclosed by the outer ones in the shape of a horseshoe. However, the inner labia are visible through a small opening at the top.

6. The Naked Vulva

Hair in your intimate area? No way! Women with a naked vagina place a lot of importance on keeping their private parts perfectly shaved. But hair regrowth down there can quickly become prickly for your partner. Careful trimming of hair in intimate areas is enough.

7. The Wild Vulva

“All natural!” is the motto of every woman with the wild vulva. While many men love the area shaved, some prefer it natural. They associate a healthy growth of pubic hair with something primal, or animalistic, that appeals to their basic carnal instincts.

8. The Wide One

When the vaginal entrance is rather wide, many men believe it means the woman is very sexually experienced, but this is not actually the case. In fact, the vulva enlarges only as a result of sexual arousal and contracts again afterwards.

9. The Narrow One

Thinner women commonly have narrow vaginas. This can be an advantage when it comes to sex, as it makes it easier for them to be stimulated, making an orgasm more likely. If the man is not too sensitive, he will also benefit just as much during sexual intercourse.

As you can see, there is no such thing as the “perfect” vulva. On top of this, there is a wide variety of tastes and preferences when it comes to what the ideal vulva looks like. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your body and see your vulva for what it is: something unique that only belongs to you!

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