The Type Of Date You Should Go On Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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So you are having trouble deciding the perfect date to go on, perhaps you are tired of the usual "dinner and a movie". You ask your friends, maybe even scroll through Pinterest-- you desperately are looking for any date idea possible. Clearly, you cannot find the right date idea and are struggling-- behold, the stars actually have it all figured out for you.
You may be a firm believer or perhaps just curious, but nevertheless, it is sometimes incredibly exciting to read your horoscope. Especially when it comes to the romantic department-- the stars are totally in your favor! They can actually help you out by figuring out which date ideas best go with your zodiac sign, therefore you are guaranteed a fantastic time!
You might be curious as to how the stars can determine your future dates? Considering, it all depends on your sign since you most likely have opposite preferences on what exactly constitutes as the "perfect" date. But look no further, we have concocted some of the best date ideas that go best with your zodiac sign. Check out some of our suggestions below:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorns are the most go-with-the-flow creatures, therefore the most simple date would pretty much do justice. As this Earth sign is extremely laid-back, all-around chill person-- nothing super extravagant is necessary. In fact, if you want to woo a Capricorn all you need is a blanket, a picnic basket, and a quiet yet scenic area and you are good to go. Which is why an outside picnic is perfect for a Capricorn. Capricorns love the outdoors and they are extremely simple and traditionalist creatures, they don't need all that hoopla to make their heart strings sing. Perhaps make a simple playlist, layout in a field somewhere or on the beach-- anywhere really, as long as you two are alone. Considering that a Capricorn is one of the most serious signs, they are known to be masters of self-control-- the ideal date for this Earth sign is something that involves a relaxing environment.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

This fun-loving, always up for an adventure, wild creature loves any activity that allows their fun side to really shine-- which is why going miniature golfing, an amusement park, visiting a garden, anything fun or allowing them to help out strangers is an element where Aquarians will truly be themselves. As they can easily adapt to any situation, Aquarians know how to have fun no matter what. Spending the day outside perhaps playing mini golf will help stimulate their minds and be a great way to have fun together. The zodiac sign of the Aquarius has such a big heart and the desire to help people that it is no wonder everyone is so attracted to them. Another great idea for a date would be visiting a local garden-- as Aquarians love to be around people, they actually enjoy dates with other couples and being around other humanitarians would be just the perfect idea for a fun date.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces are one of the most selfless zodiac signs and also their element happens to be water-- which makes sense as to why these creatures love to be anywhere near water or outdoors. Perhaps a date having a picnic on the beach or near a lake would be superlative or go kayaking or even paddle boarding for the day. The truth about a Pisces is that they are rather romantic in nature-- they tend to be very passionate lovers and enjoy connecting one on one with their dates. So going somewhere where the two of you can connect and have fun is probably the best date idea ever. As a Pisces is a total free-spirit and are all about serenity. A peaceful picnic on the beach to watch the sunset is another wonderful idea, plus it is no surprise that this fish sign loves any activity that is either in the water or near the water.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is a fire sign which is no wonder this sign loves anything that has to do with the outdoors. They are far from a traditionalist as they get bored by the typical "dinner and a movie". If you really want to wow an Aries-- feed into their obsession with nature and anything outdoorsy. Since this is the element of fire it is clear that an Aries is active, competitive, and by far the utmost happiest when adrenaline is coursing through their veins. Which is why a nice hike would be the perfect date for this fire sign. An Aries enjoys being challenged so don't just plan a typical simple hike where you two can just tag along-- make it something heart-pounding. They love the thrill of a new adventure, plus this is a way to get their competitive juices flowing. And nothing gets an Aries more excited than a little friendly competition.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

If you want the perfect date for a Taurus then just wine and dine them because that is exactly what they love most. Taurus love to take things slow so a candlelit dinner is perfect for this Earth sign. They actually live quite an expensive lifestyle so anything with fine dining really appeals to this bull. One thing about this sign is that their ruling planet happens to be Venus, which represents love, attraction, and creativity-- so anything like cooking or painting is totally the Taurus's forte. As they are romantics-- they love the idea of a romantic, candlelit dinner, it does not matter if it is at a fancy restaurant or at home-- just being with someone in a romantic atmosphere is what they love most and they aren't opposed to being showered with anything extravagant. This Earth sign really loves life's sensual pleasures-- which is why another perfect date idea would be a couple spa day, not only are you pampering yourself but your partner as well, which is surely a double win in the Taurus' book.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

This feisty, spunky, outgoing Air sign knows how to have a good time and anything that involves music and the outdoors is totally this Gemini's forte. Truth is, dating a Gemini can be really fun-- because they will always keep the other person guessing. One minute they are social and communicative and the next they are super serious and indecisive. Which makes dating a Gemini that more interesting. And on the bright side, your dates are never boring. The best date for a Gemini is to tap into their mind by giving them a creative outlet such as an outdoor music concert like Coachella, perhaps a fun night of wine and painting (this gives them a way to express themselves). Another sure-fire way to have a fun date with a Gemini is to tap into their desires of discussing and experiencing pop culture. Perhaps going to see a film would be the perfect date for a Gemini. Some cemetery's like to host movie nights (for instance in California at the Hollywood Cemetery they usually play films in the Summertime and fall). As a Gemini is super spontaneous anything that taps into their inner creative side will be the perfect date.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

As a Cancer, you love anything that helps tap into your creative side-- which is why cooking with your date whether it is at home or a cooking class is definitely a fun way to spice up your dates. This water element is actually very sensitive, nurturing, and dedicated which is why a quiet night for just the two of you is the most wonderful date any Cancer could think of. If you want to bond with a Cancer, all you have to do is prepare an amazing meal together-- where the two of you can connect over favorite foods and even mingle with some wine. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular-- just the act of doing something so intimate as cooking a nice meal together is a sure fire way to capture any Cancers' heart. Another great idea for a date would be wine tasting-- not only can you two enjoy some Cabernet, maybe Pinot Grigio, and you can both get tipsy in style!

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leos love anything that involves music and dancing, even wine tasting, perhaps a Cancer and Leo should date! Leos happen to really love the Opera, so getting all dolled up and listening to music is the perfect date for a Leo. Truth is, Leos are very confident, popular, and extremely dramatic creatures therefore anything that is over-the-top extravagant is sure to win Leo's heart. They also have very dominant personalities which is why another great date idea would be embarking on a day of wine tasting. Perhaps travel to a winery and enjoy the many different tastings of Cabernet, Moscato, Merlot, all the different wines right at your fingertips. But remember, a date with a Leo must always cater to their refined tastes, a trip to a vineyard will make any Leo feel beyond special and perhaps after a drink or two, you may even find Leo's sensitive side.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos love the idea of dates that are centered around any activity that is good for the body and the soul-- which is why a bike ride out in nature is perfect for a Virgo. Virgos are not really into super romantic dates so don't plan something elaborate to win this Earth signs heart. Virgos are excellent at paying attention to little detail and they tend to lead very organized lives which is why anything crazy or romantic won't go over so well with a Virgo. The perfect date is a bike ride through the countryside or in the city-- anywhere to escape their usual lives but nothing too crazy either. As an Earth sign, they are drawn to ambition which is why going on a day date of enjoying a nice and quite ride through the countryside will allow Virgo to not only absorb all of their surroundings but also allow them to let loose in a much more peaceful way.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libras absolutely hate to be alone which is why a romantic partnership is so very important to them. Since they are ruled by Venus, they love to be surrounded by everything that is beautiful-- which is why the perfect date for a Libra is visiting an art gallery or local museum. Anything that shows them the beauty of art while being able to admire them with someone special. Libras happen to be true artists at heart which is why the perfect date would be venturing out to a new exhibit and museums are wonderful to check out. But if you really want to wow a Libra, tap into their more hipster and edgier side by taking them to something more fashionable that they would truly appreciate. Another thing is that Libras LOVE music, so perhaps a concert in the park would be another wonderful idea for a date. As Libras are super adventurous, finding a cool spot, maybe a new art gallery that has live music playing would be something just up a Libra's alley.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

This water sign is far from boring and if you really want to win their heart, taking them to a cool little dive bar is the perfect date! Perhaps some place that is themed and kitschy-- anything out of the ordinary is something that a Scorpio really thrives on. They hate typical boring dates and really like to enjoy places that seem a bit on the edgier side. Granted, you may think a dive bar is a super boring setting but not for a Scorpio-- they want to be able to connect with their date and a dive bar happens to be the perfect setting for a small private conversation which can actually be pretty intimate. The truth is, you really have to tap into what a Scorpio likes and then plan that date accordingly. As they can be super unpredictable-- but lucky for you, another perfect date idea for a Scorpio would be going on a scenic hike. This will bring out Scorpio's adventurous side and allow you two to connect one-on-one.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

The Sagittarius-- the one who has a heart of gold, especially for animals, and they happen to be the world's best travelers! Sagittarius are the most curious, adventurous, and incredibly energetic creatures with a very philosophical, open, and creative mind. They are natural globetrotters-- which is why even taking a trip somewhere would even be a fantastic date idea. This fire sign craves diversity and they love the idea of a date that taps into their love for other cultures. Perhaps checking out a local museum, newest restaurant in town, jet-setting off to some foreign country, they even LOVE animals so much that visiting a zoo would be such a great idea for a date. Imagine a stimulating day hanging out with furry little cute critters all day will most certainly put any Sagittarius in the best of moods. And can you just picture the two of you holding hands at the zoo-- it will tap into your inner middle schooler days and how romantic is that? The Zoo or even the Aquarium are perfect date ideas because the truth is Sagittarian-- animals are so your thing!

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