The Mandala Will Help You To Get A clue from the Universe!

April 25, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

You can choose a mandala by accident or by listening to your inner voice. 

Pick one mandala and get your advice.

Mandala No. 1.

Many people think that your life is perfect and they often envy you. To counterbalance the envious people, try to talk less about your plans. You are a kind and sympathetic person but do not let anyone abuse your kindness.

Mandala No. 2.

You love and try to take care of your loved ones and relatives. You often forget to care about your desires and needs. Take care of yourself and, if possible, fulfill your even a small dream. Then you will see how bloom!

Mandala No. 3.

You are too focused on your work. You overload yourself too often. You forget that besides work there is another life. Allow yourself to relax. You deserve it like no other.

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