The first thing that is observed in this personality test will reveal the secret weaknesses of a person in relationships...

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What is your Achilles heel in love? When it comes to relationships, even without having to perform some formal personality test to examine each of the traits that make up our character, we are all aware that we have certain strengths and weaknesses. In an ideal world, from the moment we begin to enter into dating and romantic relationships until our last love, we learn, grow and constantly take steps to move forward as we work to be the best possible companions.

Unfortunately, as we all know very well, the world is far from ideal, which means that for every healthy change and positive step towards the growth of a relationship, surely there will be another stumble towards a hard nail; something that can be quite discouraging. Of course, although we all have areas in which we must work more when it comes to maintaining successful and healthy relationships, it is not always easy to be objective with oneself, particularly when one's own defects and areas of weakness come into play. 

We can always ask our partners what they believe our weaknesses are in the relationship (if we have any), but with that, we are inviting a kind of criticism that is not always useful and that, in some cases, can even make things worse. So, how are you supposed to discover these weaknesses? By performing this personality test, of course! This optical illusion is designed to help you quickly assess your greater awkwardness in relationships and thus know what holds you back in love or what could prevent you from finding a healthy and stable commitment. All you need is to look at the next image and take a mental note of the first thing you see…

1. The mother and the child

If the first thing you saw was the mother and the child, this indicates that you are a person whose family has priority in your life over everything else. While the modern world might not seem to encompass the family unit that existed in the days of yesteryear, that is certainly not the case for you. Your clan is an important part of your identity and the link you maintain with it informs practically every aspect of your private life. However, you should know that loving your family and making it a priority is important, but it could hinder the formation of new relationships. 

What you want, need and deserve is equally important! Although the opinion of yours about your romantic partners is transcendental, you always have the last word. It does not help anything that in your eyes, nobody is good for you!

2. The face of the man

In case the face of the man was the first thing you saw, you are the type of person that feels most comfortable observing social interactions from a distance. Either because of shyness or fear of rejection (it's something that only you know), even the people closest to you will tell you that a great job is needed to break that shell and make you speak openly.

You do not intend to get away from people, but you do it anyway. However, maintaining distance is a great way to learn about the complexities of human interactions, but it can also hinder the formation of a romantic relationship that thrives. To connect completely in a sentimental union, you must be willing to lower your fists and slowly approach with kindness. Sure, it's fun to chat with someone witty,

3. The figure grabbing fruit from the tree

If you saw the figure that picks fruit from the tree in the first place, you are a person driven by your professional ambitions. 

From the age of 10, you already knew what you wanted to do to make a living, and although this career choice may have changed several times since then, your determination and stubbornness to meet your goals have not. You do everything possible and more to get what you want professionally, and have fun every step of the way! However, although it is great to be attentive to the prize, being so focused on goals isolates you from other people, both romantically and socially speaking.

With your energy and hard work, there is no doubt that you will achieve everything you set out to do, so do not forget to put that mind in search of love if it is really important for you.

4. The birds

If the first thing you saw was birds, you are a person who often has his head in the clouds. You cannot help it, you were a born dreamer and you have no intention of giving up that special part of yourself. Your ability to transform the world as we know it in a safe place is a gift like no other; the fact of being near you sharing your special bubble makes other people feel special too.

Being a dreamer means that you see the world in a different way, which is a real gift. However, when you turn the world into what you want it to be, you inevitably run into several devastating disappointments. This is duplicated when it comes to romantic love; You may have convinced yourself that you discovered a prince when the truth is that there is much more,

5. The peaceful face

Finally, if the first thing you saw was the face with a peaceful gesture, you are the type of person who is always thinking of two steps forward. While you may not necessarily identify yourself as a Type A personality…

It is clear that you have a place for everything, and you feel better when everything is where it should be. Life is chaotic and stressful, and you spend a great deal of time doing everything in your power to keep all that at bay. Being a planner and a person organized by nature can make life much less stressful, but when it comes to love, you cannot always plan everything. Try to resist the urge to control and program your feelings about your romantic relationships the way you do with the rest of your life.

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