Test: Choose A Unicorn And Find Out Your Personality Traits!

April 26, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Unicorn No. 1.

You have developed a sense of beauty: in music, and in interior or style of clothes. Your soul is in a very mature state. It is able to change, depending on the experience you acquire. But some values will never be changed in your soul. We can say that you found a comfortable and harmonious state of mind for you.

Unicorn No. 2.

You are a passionate person. Even if you restrain yourself and control the manifestation of your feelings, fire inside you often rages. You feel like you live in the theatre. Be more realistic in your lifestyle. Fulfill yourself with positive thoughts. Negative feelings can harm your health.

Unicorn No. 3.

Your life is a movement, perhaps it charges you with positive energy. You always bring joy to people because you know how to receive pleasure from life. The balance between work and rest, meetings with friends, and being alone with yourself allows you to feel fine in almost any situation. You will always be a young and active person inside. You like to learn new things and experience things that you have not tried before. But you also have a quiet secluded corner where you can relax and be alone with the closest and dearest to you people. 

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