She Adopts A Girl. 19 Years Later, She Can’t Comprehend How She Looks

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From the moment she was born Hannah was not blessed with an easy life and things were going to be very hard for her going forward.

After finding out she was born with a rare disease known as dwarfism her mother put her up for adoption.

Months had passed and it seems like no other family wanted to take her on and they were about to give up all hope.

Then after a while, a lovely couple named Jackie and Larry came along and decided that they would adopt her.

From the moment they laid eyes on her they were instantly in love and they knew then that they had made the right decision.

What they did not know is one day Hannah would be able to return this love in a way that they could never imagine.

Not only did Hannah get a set of the most wonderful parents, she also got siblings as well.

Mark and Matt were her two older brothers and she also had an older sister named Kelly.

It was a really hard decision for Jackie and Larry sky to add this new addition with their family after they realized she had special needs.

But it was still the choice they wanted to make and they were very happy with doing so.

They never imagined that it would be this decision that would change their lives years later.

Some people might call it the Buttery Fly effect.

Compared to other girls the same age as Hannah it was very obvious she was different.

As time went by it became very apparent that she was not growing the same way her siblings were.

Then Jackie and Larry told Hannah about her condition when she was old enough to understand.

Hannah had to deal with lots of health conditions. She suffered from a heart condition and brain aneurysms.

To make things worse people used to make fun of her in school due to her size.

At 19 years of age, people used to say she looked like a five-year-old.

She also had to deal with people constantly looking at her and then worst of all there were the bullies.

Her crush even told her to her face that nobody would ever date her.

Hannah was blessed to have been adopted by such lovely parents and even better to have amazing siblings.

Most of the time it is hard for families to accept other people into their family. But they had no problem taking Hannah in with open arms.

When the bullies were at her in school her siblings were always there to help warn them away.

” Growing up I always knew I was different from my brothers and sisters, ” said Hannah

” My mum and dad always made sure I had a normal childhood, “ said Hannah.

Since she was born Hannah has been to more doctors than you and I could ever imagine.

Since her condition is so serious and she could suddenly suffer from aneurysms she has to be monitored every day.

You can watch the full story below and see how Hannah was able to return the favor years later.

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