REGAL RINGS. Can you guess which Royal ring is worth £3.1MILLION… and which is worth, er, just £75k?

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CAN you guess which Royal ring is worth £3.1MILLION?

Let's be honest - no ring "fit" for royalty is going to be cheap.

Here are the royal rings, rated

But, that being said, it seems that some brides were proposed to with rings worth FAR more money than others, according to research by Diamond Rocks.

Historically, when it comes to who’s the Queen of Engagement Ring Bling, the winner is dependent on what you thing adds "value" - expense or romance.

Princess Diana’s blue Ceylon sapphire (now property of Kate Middleton) might outrank Meghan’s bespoke trilogy engagement ring in terms of value (in the region of £300,000 today) – but not in the romance stakes, with Charles and Di being the only royal couple to pick their ring from a catalog.

Obviously, when it comes to Kate, sentimental value is added as William gifted his much-loved late mother's ring to his bride.

Kate's ring was also Diana's

The Queen's ring pales in comparison to some of the other royal bling

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth’s 3-carat diamond solitaire is worth just a modest £100,000 by today’s estimates.

So who was given the most expensive ring?

Up in the top, two are Wallis Simpson and Grace Kelly.

In the 1930s, Wallis accepted a 19.77-carat emerald ring by Cartier - worth an estimated £1.8million in today's money.

Meghan's ring is valued at around £120,00

Princess Eugenie's ring is the least expensive on the list at £75,000

But even this whopper doesn’t outstrip Grace Kelly’s ultimate royal rock.

The siren's 10.5-carat emerald cut diamond bling is widely estimated to be worth a stunning £3.1million in modern money.

The jewel was made all the more extravagant by the fact that it was actually the second ring Prince Rayner III chose for her - after seeing other Hollywood rings and deciding that Grace's needed to be "upgraded".

Meanwhile, at the lower end, Meghan Markle's ring is valued in the region of £120,000 and Princess Eugenie's at £75,000.

Wallis Simpson's ring certainly wasn't cheap at a value of £1.8million

Grace Kelly's stonker of a ring came out tops - worth a whopping £3.1million

Which ring is your favorite?

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