Pick a Dreamcatcher To Receive a Spiritual Awakening To Make Your Dreams Come True

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Dreamcatchers have been part of the Native American culture for centuries and their legend or story is a great one. As you can see, dreamcatchers are in the same shape as the medicine wheel, a circle, to exemplify the continuity, the cycle of life and its different phases.
Pick a Dreamcatcher To Receive a Spiritual Awakening To Make Your Dreams Come True
If you chose…

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Your spiritual awakening is fading. Do not miss again every opportunity that your life gives you to develop yourself and improve as person. You have a very unselfish mindset. This mindset doesn´t let you be free and completely happy, sometimes you worry too much about others more than yourself.

Try to use that good quality and positive energy and the time that you put in others for yourself. If you depend on the happiness of others can harm you animously and spiritually. You have been neglecting that for a long time your life, it´s time to change. Focus in yourself.

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Now is a great moment to start changing certain things in your behavior or personality. Or in the way you have to see everything. Do not let other people influence you in the process of transformation. You need to be more asertive, learn to say “no” more often, do what you want instead of what others want.

Your spiritual awakening could be a moment for a change of image, or to improve the way of dressing, so if you have extra incomes you could to give yourself a good prize. Do not hesitate to invest it in your person or in your image and selfsteem, you will always do better if you care about your appearance, this means that there will be more confidence.

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Today is the perfect day to smile and receive happiness. You need to smile because you have a great ability to be happy that needs to awaken. Your spiritual awakening will start if you avoid all kind of bad energies. You will increase your quality of life. Start again those activities that made you happy, and you stopped doing them.

Take advantage to spread your happiness. You have the opportunity to spend time with your family, start from today to plan a trip or a visit to your home, it is always good to arrive and surprise those you want.

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