Mother Admits to Freezing Newborns to Death in Her Home Freezer

April 16, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

A 46-year-old German woman has been sentenced to nearly a decade behind bars after it was discovered she’d suffocated her two newborn babies and then placed their bodies in her own freezer. The bodies of the infants had been stuffed in the freezer for several years before her partner, who knew of the bodies, called the cops on the woman as revenge for breaking up with him.

Arrest. A German woman identified as Steffi Schmidt has been jailed for nine and a half years after police discovered she’d murdered two of her own children. According to reports, the woman said she killed her babies because she believed her husband didn’t want any more children.

Secret. Schmidt, who already has two children with her partner, identified as Uwe W., says she was using contraception but that it had failed on both occasions where she got pregnant. Each time, she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, giving birth while she was home alone.

Murder. According to the Mirror UK, after giving birth to one of the infants, she placed it in a plastic bag and stuffed the bag in the freezer. The child is said to have still been alive when it was placed in the freezer and died of hypothermia as a result.

Freezer. The second child was reportedly suffocated before it was placed into yet another bag and stuffed next to the second baby. The woman says she did not want to be away from the bodies of her children, which is why she hid them in her freezer.

Abortion. Asked why she didn’t get an abortion, the woman blamed it on the fact that she had no health insurance nor a driver’s license to go to a clinic. At one point, she also said that by the time she considered it, "it was already too late for an abortion,” reports the Mirror UK.

Plot twist. In a twisted turn of events, it was discovered that it had been Uwe W. who called the cops on his partner after she’d broken up with him. The man was upset and wanted to seek revenge in the form of sending her to jail.

Backfired. The man’s desire to seek revenge ended up backfiring on him, however, when authorities discovered he’d known about the frozen babies all along. "We are investigating the man now in relation to a variety of crimes. Currently, I'm not commenting on any details,” said prosecutor Klaus Wiechmann, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Blackmailed. Worst of all, it was discovered that the sick man had been blackmailing his partner with the information of the dead babies by forcing her to have sex with him in exchange for his silence. Since her arrest, Schmidt has admitted to her wrongdoing.

Aware. "She is a passive person, avoids active conflict solutions. But she was aware of her actions. She has consciously forgotten her pregnancies. If she had become pregnant again, she would have acted the same way as in the two cases for which she is accused,” said court psychologist Dr. Steffen Daue, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Monster. After her sentencing, the woman said she deserved what she got. "I am a monster, I cannot look at myself in the mirror anymore. I always hoped that the bodies would only be found when I would no longer live,” she said.

Others. In 2013, another woman was arrested after it was discovered that she had killed her newborn twin sons and stuffed them in the freezer of a local grocery store. According to RT, the bodies were there for five years before finally being discovered.

Frozen. The woman, being identified only as Irina, says she killed the newborns after they were born and kept them in her home freezer before bringing them to the store where she worked. She made sure to hide them so that no one would suspect what they were.

Hidden. "She wrapped the bodies and left them for 24 hours on her balcony and then put them in a refrigerator at home where they remained for the next one or two weeks. After the babies died and got frozen, Irina transferred the two boys to the food store where she worked at the time and hid them in a freezer,” said Vladislav Vasnetsov, as reported by RT.

Regret. After the bodies were found, the woman admitted she’d killed the babies because she didn’t want them. However, she maintains she regrets her actions and was planning on burying them properly in the near future.

Depressed. “She is now very depressed. She cannot explain the reason she kept them in the freezer, she throws up her hands and says she didn’t know what to do with them. That’s why she carried the bodies from one freezer to another, wandering around the town with plastic bags,” said officer Alexander Mazaev, as reported by RT.

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