Man Suffers From Rare Condition That Has Left Him Trapped In A Toddler’s Body

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A 23-year-old man has left doctors dumbfounded after he stopped growing only a year after he was born. Manpreet Singh is just 23 inches tall and has become the star of his local community in Punjab, India, who believe he is a reincarnation of a Hindu god. Doctors believe he may be suffering from a genetic condition but his family doesn’t have enough money to get him properly diagnosed.

Toddler. Manpreet Singh can’t walk on his own, and can only say a few words. Despite his physical appearance, Manpreet is not a toddler. In fact, he’s 23 years old. Residents of his community believe Manpreet is a reincarnation of a Hindu god and visit him often for “blessings."

Growth. According to the Mirror UK, Manpreet was born a healthy baby, but his parents grew concerned when he stopped growing at the age of one. Doctors initially thought that Manpreet was just developmentally delayed, but now believe he suffers from a rare genetic condition.

Hormones. "The patient's growth stopped due to some hormonal imbalance. A child begins to develop mentally and physically from the age of three. If his body is not developing, the parents should take him to a better medical facility and get him treated,” said DR. MK Bhadu, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Genetics. Manpreet’s siblings also suffer from mental and physical handicaps, which led doctors to believe the condition Manpreet has is genetic. It is believed that Manpreet suffers from what is known as Laron Syndrome, although his family hasn’t been able to confirm as they don’t have enough money to have Manpreet treated.

Treatment. "We don't have enough funds to take him to a better doctor or hospital. We appeal to the kind people of the internet to help us raise funds for Manpreet's treatment,” said Manpreet’s uncle, Karanvir Singh.

Family. Before living with his aunt and uncle, Manpreet was previously living with his parents. However, he was unhappy living with them and they could no longer handle raising him. As a result, his aunt and uncle decided to take him in.

Joy. "We have sent him back to his parents several times, but he won't stay with them. Manpreet would stop eating and keep crying all the time there. But when he is sent back to us again, he would turn into the same bubbly and joyful kid. We love this little bundle of joy so much that the idea of letting him go makes my heart sink,” said his aunt Lakhwinder Kaur.

Loved. Manpreet can’t say much, but can gesture and is aware of his surroundings. He loves meeting new people and rarely causes trouble at home. He is loved by not just his own family, but also by anyone who gets to meet him.

Delightful. "It's only when the dogs or any other animal makes a sound, he gets terrified and cries. He is a delightful child and gestures the guests with his hands to sit, and tries to befriend them. Though he only speaks in monosyllables like maa (mom) and mama (uncle), he learned the skills to communicate through gestures. He has also become an expert in mimicking people,” says Karanvir.

Getting help. For now, his aunt and uncle are happy to care for him until they find the money to get him treated. They are however, concerned for what Manpreet’s future holds and do want to get him help as soon as possible.

Condition. "We took him to a few doctors but his condition could not get any better. We have accepted his fate and in a way are happy to have him as his cheerfulness enlightens the environment,” said his family, via the Mirror UK.

Happy. Manpreet seems to be happy living with his adoptive parents, and enjoys spending time with his cousins. According to his aunt, he also loves to eat all kinds of sweets and mimic anyone that he meets. You could say he’s a celebrity in his home town!

Not mischievous. "Manpreet loves milk cake and eats roti. He loves his morning tea and eats only one or two rotis a day without any mischief,” continued his aunt, via the Daily Mail UK.

Sharing his story. Doctors have hope that perhaps Manpreet will one day get the treatment he needs. For now, his family is hoping that by sharing his story, they will be able to raise the money necessary to fund his doctor’s visits.

Treatment. "People come to me who are suffering from fever or a cold, I take care of them. But this is a different case, I have seen it for the very first time. Today science has developed so much that nothing is impossible. His treatment is also possible,” a local doctor told the Daily Mail UK.

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