Enlightening Illustrations To Question Every Action Of Yours In This Low-Key Lifestyle

April 27, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Humans are insane creatures who drive their lives largely by the external forces and rarely bother to speak or listen to their inner voice. We are so smitten with the lures of the modern world that we cannot help but be swayed with their temptations. From finger-licking tasty food to the stupid entertainment on the 'idiot box' to hogging on brands to following the rat race to finding solace in the 'smartphones', we have been trapped in the bait, that too, tightly enough to not even think of an escape!

The so-called comforts of the modern society are nothing but a way to spoil the mental and physical health of humans. Humans are now synonymous to couch potatoes and have been tricked to make as much money as they can for a so-called comfortable life. And in the bargain, losing on peace and happiness. 

The human brain is now filled with anxiety and depression. Have a look at the illustrations by artist Steve Cutts to get my point, here.
A true reflection of the hogging on junk food and then medicines.

For the food that we gulp down, only makes place for those hazardous medicines, too. 

When only bad habits of smoking and gorging do the rounds.

This is when the human loses the power to think and act.

Credits: Steve Cutts

When we are hogging on shi* brands only to shi* out large amounts of money.

And the cycle continues.

In the rat race, the man is trapped under the rumor that...

Money is happiness.

All our energies and prosperity is drained by the unjustified use of smartphones.

A dark take on the excessive use of the devices.

When Monday is nothing less than a nightmare.

It haunts like anything and we wish to run as far away from it as possible.

When the highly inconsiderate human is only concerned about his share of fast food.

When lending a kind thought on the manufacturing of food seems dreamy!

For being a part of the rat race is what is the trend.

And not being a trailblazer or a path-breaker.

For most business decisions are only pumped by the toxic thought process...

Over a pile of the toxic waste.

When a single voice gathers enough courage to get itself heard...

For not everyone is made for the same mould.

When everyone is too horrified to win the race and wants to be first...

By hook or by crook. Comfort and happiness do not exist.

The rich get fatter and the poor get thinner, in all matters.

From money to health.

When Christmas is not so celebratory for the workers.

They have a hunter-holding Santa to force them to work extra hours, to get those 'Christmas gifts', ready.

When news on the 'idiot box' is nothing but 'Daily Bullshit'!

A perfect one at that.

These thoughtful illustrations hit hard when one tries to think positively of the world.

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