Discover The Dark Secrets Of Your Zodiac Sign Through These Creepy Sketches

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You may deny the fact but, your zodiac sign tells a lot about your personality more than you can think of! So, how about if I tell you that your zodiac sign knows already the dark secrets you've been hiding from people for long.

You totally have a dark side where the worst parts of yourself linger in the unconscious state. It isn't wrong to admit what you struggle with or the least flattering parts of your personality, and it might relieve you to know you're not the only one struggling with things that weigh heavy on your heart. Secrets are normal, and they don't define who you are but when they happen to take over you, what would you do? Would you ignore the fact that they are taking control of your life? 

Need not to worry! As the stars totally have the answer for you. Here is your dirty secret based on your zodiac sign. 

Scary AF!

Aries people make excellent leaders and the type of people you'd want by your side in a scrap. But if you're down and you want someone to indulge your fears and insecurities, don't call an Aries. 


Not trusting easily is your secret, Taurean! When put on the spot, your past experiences can have you feeling quite insecure and distrustful. Once you're sure of the person you want to spend your life with, however, you give them all your trust!

The difficult ones!

The Gemini twins are great at talking. A lot of what comes out of their mouths is wonderful, but it's so difficult to shut them up. They genuinely trust people but fear that those people might use that trust to break them and use their insecurities against them.

The so-called 'sorted-out'

Your darkest secret is the fear of being vulnerable. You don't want anyone to play with your feelings, that's why you constantly keep them hidden from the world. You want people to see you as a sorted-out kind of person, and you're willing to do anything to keep that reputation intact.

Always searching for the 'Limelight'

Leos are the best party animals in the zodiac. Also, if you think astrology is rubbish, find the nearest Leo in your office and look at their hair. Tell us it doesn't resemble a mane. They may never say it but they love to be the in the 'limelight'.

Keep people with low mentality away!

Virgos can't stand people with sloppy work-spaces or minds. Those born under this sign have enormous potential which they won't fulfill because they're obsessed with the small stuff.

No lone wolf!

Libras are always weighing up the pros and cons. Their biggest fear is being alone! You always want to have people around you or have that special someone by your side to motivate you at all times. You will never tell people your insecurities, but deep down, you hope that they understand your need.

Keep a safe distance from others!

You have a poker face, and you're not the kind of person to interfere with people's lives. You observe and only lash out if provoked. It so happens that you know a lot about what's happening in other people's lives, but hardly anyone knows what's been up in yours.

Too shy to commit

The only thing that upsets your otherwise 'happy life' is people trying to force commitment on you. You may love your partner to no end, but when it comes to him putting a ring on it, you get all disturbed.


You never want to be in a situation where your flaws might be revealed. You're a perfectionist - and that's the side of your personality you want people to know. It's okay, everybody has imperfections, you just need to come to terms with yours!

A bit aloof

Even if you're surrounded by a group of people, you still feel disconnected. You try to make an effort to understand what other people are saying, but sometimes you get too caught up in your own world.

One powerful soul

Under the strong persona of a Pisces person, lies a delicate heart. You're not the kind of person who lets people get in easily. You trust a few close friends only, but remember that sometimes it's fine to let your guard down.

That's all folks!

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Artist courtesy: Shawn Coss

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