Choose a Tribal Mask & We Will Reveal What Kind of a Person You Are!

April 30, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The ancient wisdom still lives until today. The ancient way of thinking and practicing spirituality holds the answer to many questions and it’s simply amazing how many things can we define and learn based on those traditional believes.

Choose one of the masks below and see what it says about your personality:

#1 The Speaking Mask

You are a ‘master’ of expression. You know how to express yourself and show your inner strength in front of others. Your words are your fierce weapon and you know how to use it perfectly. However, you are not the one that misuses words or use evil tactics, you value honor and you also value the power of the word. You are careful about who are you speaking with and your speeches are supposed to spread positive energy.

#2 The Laughing Mask

If you chose this mask it means that you are ‘the good time’ person. Well, you are naturally positive and have a great sense of humor, but you want social activities that bring joy and you are always the center of the party. Despite your fun loving and careless nature, you are an intelligent person and your intelligence make you compromise well and find a balance between your fun-loving nature and responsibilities in life.

#3 The Angry Mask

You have to confront your dark side, that obviously exists. You must learn how to control your anger and grow bigger as a person. Your calamity and wisdom will be product of your tranquility and a new mindset. You have to learn to take responsibility and become less impulsive.

#4 The Silent Mask

If this was your choice, then it means that you are known as the silent, strong person. You are an introvert that wants to keep everything inside and you are difficult to understand and accept. Socializing is not your best side, but your intelligence and charisma enable you to fit in every social circle.

#5 The Warrior Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you have a soul of a warrior. You are one of those rare people who never quit and you persist even where others chose to give up. You have the unique ability of persevering and you battle hard. You won’t let anyone hurt your dignity and you will be always ready to raise your voice for justice, or to protect those who mean everything to you.

#6 The Priestly Mask

You are a ‘master’ of intuition. Your intuitive and telepathic abilities amazed many, but mostly yourself. You need to accept the fact that you are special and trust your instincts more. People are awful, we get it, but still, you must try to find a way to accept them and live a normal life. Your inner doubts and search for self-acknowledgment need to end soon.

#7 The Healing Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you have a golden heart and a saintly soul. You are someone who was born to be generous, kind, and of help to others. You possess a heart which bleeds for others and you even go out of your way to help others.

#8 The Ruling Mask

If this was your choice you are a natural born leader. You are great in front of crowds and you have the perfect mindset to manage people and resources. You are brave and you have the courage to take initiative. However, taking risks doesn’t always pay off. Try to base your decision on serious plans and be prepared to change the way you communicate with people if you want to make all your dreams come true.

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