Choose An Owl And Find Out What Your Choice Says.

April 16, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Green owl: 

A call for learning. You want to learn something new. Openness is your feature. However, you always find things to do yourself and avoid what you have to do. It's time to focus on the important. You should stop wasting your energy on trivial questions!

Blue Owl:

Anxiety. You are afraid of something. Enough, get out of your comfort zone! Come out into the world to experience new sensations. This is a good way to look into your fears. You must meet new people. You should communicate more with your friends.

Violet owl: 

Naivety. You are a self-confident person. You have the desire to conquer new horizons. You are a very naive person. And this can prevent you from achieving your goals. Anxiety and thinking about the problems of others can also be bad for you. You need to leave some unnecessary things aside and focus on what's really important to you!

Orange Owl: 

You are a very kind person. You want to understand the world around you. There are many evil people who can hurt you. You need to find your own method of self-expression. When you do this, everyone will know your true identity. Therefore, the world will finally find out who you really are!

Translation and Adaptation by Soul Post

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