Choose One Symbol: To Reveal Your Psychic Message For This Spring

April 16, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

1- The Stag

If you picked the stag, then you should stop looking here and there for the solution. You need to look within to find the answer because time is a big lesson. Your experiences have taught you a lot even without you knowing.

To get the answers; you should look beyond all the sufferings and distresses that have come your way. You have experienced a lot on your journey.

Your experiences have improved you overall. They have provided you with the wisdom to know your next step. With every situation that you have faced in your life, you have become wiser every time.

You need to gift yourself some time. Time to calm your mind and soul to reduce all the noises in the background. You already know, but you are not paying proper attention. Trust yourself and believe that you have the wisdom to fight your problems.

2- The Hawk

Choosing the hawk means you need to make room for new things to come in. It depicts that you are occupied and need to make the shift, you need new space in your life.

It could be a new belief, a new eating style, a new exercise, a new person, a new job, a new home, and so much more. Could be anything that wasn’t present in your life.

To make room for the new activities in your life, you need to get rid of the old ones. It is up to you to know which ones are important in your life.

Some things in life do not serve any purpose anymore. The sooner you leave them, the faster you will able adopt new ideas. You need to learn to let go if you want to enjoy the new gifts in life.

3- The Ram

If the Ram is your choice, then you are suffering from significant stress. First, you should know you have done a great job in dealing with this enormous mess, and you should now rest and take a deep breath.

Take the day off from everything in your life and spend that day in meditation, or with nature. Do whatever makes you happy and allow time to yourself. You need to clear your mind because you require focus and energy soon.

The recent challenges have passed now but there is one more to come, and you need to prepare yourself for it.

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