Choose One Angel And Get Your Message!

April 18, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Angel 1.

If everyone had learned to trust their own instincts, then no doubt the world would be better, because it would have less drama and stress. Think about it, your higher being and your spiritual guides (Angels, God, Universe) communicate with you through your intuition. When you reject your intuition, you partially discard the Divine guidance. 

Learn to trust your intuition, do not ask for explanations. If you have doubts about your feelings, ask for some sign from the Universe or your angels!

Angel 2.

Self-esteem is the base of your life. When you love yourself, you can share and give your energy to other people. We can only give what we already have for ourselves. When you unconditionally love yourself, you also unconditionally can love others, creating a healthier relationship.

Angel 3.

Joy is a very high vibrational energy. When you do joyful things, you share this energy with others. When you have stressful, miserable and unhappy days, this energy affects all people who are present in your life; it's exhausting!

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