Choose A Flower And Find Out About Your Feelings!

April 16, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Flower 1. (Spiritual hunger)

You feel hungry. But it's about spiritual hunger. It's like your soul is hungry for new experiences! You must start a new adventure in your life, otherwise, you will feel like you start to rot out of boredom.

Your past hunts you, and you can not let it go, but you must forgive and let go of your past! You must take care of spiritual food!

Flower 2. (You have a secretive soul)

You create a library! But not because you read a lot, but because you have huge life experience behind you. You have encountered many obstacles, but you have overcome them! People are eager to know your true identity. You must begin to reveal yourself to them. It's not the time to be a loner. Shine like a star, you know how!

Flower 3. (You have a pure aura)

You do not have to work hard to find yourself in society. You already have everything for this. People need you to be harmonious. They need your help to get up to high levels. You have a bright aura, let it spread everywhere!

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