Choose An Alchemical Symbol And Find Out About Your Inner Soul

April 30, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

There are many ways how you can find out about your hidden thoughts.

With so many quizzes/riddles/puzzles, etc., one can know of their inner self. This helps to determine what is going on in your mind.

If You Chose The Lion!

A lion symbolizes the Sun and all that you need to do is take control of your fate. If you have chosen this, then you probably need to escape from what you have worked hard on in the previous months. There are chances that you feel trapped and are being dominated by your own haunting thoughts and responsibilities. All that you need to do is make peace with your choices because it's you who's made them, so there's no point of breaking your head every time you see a hurdle. Remember that fate is always by your side, it's you who can make it or break it!

If You Chose The Hourglass!

An hourglass is a symbol of inevitability or the circle of time. If this is what you chose, then you feel trapped in time occasionally. Though time had stopped previously for you due to a tragic experience, it is now the right time for you to move on ahead. All that you need to do is make time for your friends or family and accept the fact of living in the present. Try to make the best of decisions count from now on and see things turn positive on your side.

If You Chose The Moon!

Moon is associated with emotions and hidden truth. Choosing the moon indicates that your heart is a battlefield. Rage, hate, anger or just passion is something that is keeping you wide awake in the night. All that you need to do is find peace and acknowledge the facts, as accepting them is the new beginning. Learn to express your feelings more often, as suppressing them can harm you.

If You Chose The Key!

A key is associated with our perception in the way of life. Choosing the key means your spirit is desperately searching for answers. The path that you are currently walking has made you question everything that you had once thought of as being unquestionable! All that you need to do is re-ignite your will for adventure, as traveling will help you find the solutions that you have been looking out for.

If You Chose The Hamsa Hand!

This hand is associated with the protection from evil forces. If this has been your choice, then your spirit is thirsty for freedom. You need to understand that it is you who has got trapped, and it's always up to you on how you can set yourself free! All that you need to do is find time to relax and replenish your energy and see how things fall in place.

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