7 Signs She Definitely Wants Some Freaky Time

April 04, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

1. Naughty Games

When she plays some naughty games with you, it’s the biggest sign that she wants some freaky time. For example, she may ask you what are your thoughts about the five best bed scenes or name the best pornstars. This kind of naughty games leads to naughty moments. If you are a man with complete control on your mind, she will not be successful in her mission.

2. Her Touch Says It All

If your woman plays with your hair and wants hugs, she is planning something naughty. The kind of touch she gives has all the signals any woman can give when she is feeling horny. She wants you to feel the softness of her body to awaken your senses. If her touch doesn’t work, she will try harder than before and will not stop until she succeeds in what she wants.

3. She Offers A Body Massage

This is the most powerful trick your woman can use to excite you. You can’t say NO when you come home tired and your woman appears with a bath towel and a bottle of oil in her hands. The warmth of her soft hands does everything she wants and you start losing it slowly as she steps forward. “When you message someone, the levels of oxytocin go up in the brain, and oxytocin is one of the chemicals that drive attachment,” said Helen Fisher, an American scientist.

4. Touching Her Seductively

She will touch her body seductively in front of you to tell what she has in her mind. She could be playing with her cleavage using fingers. And believe me, it’s so erotic. This is true as well that she may approach your body. She could be playing with her hair and all you need is to read her body language carefully.

5. Slinky Clothes

Has it ever happened that you rang the doorbell and the door was opened, to your surprise, by your girl who is in a negligee? Well for sure, you’re going to be blown out of your mind as you were just not ready for it! Her lingerie can be seen through her dress and what lies beneath, is waiting for you!

6. She Invites You To A Movie

If she invites you to her apartment, you are going to be lucky tonight. There is no need to tell what will happen when you both are sitting next to each other, watching a romantic movie. And in such situations, it becomes really difficult to control your emotions.

7. Invitation To Spend The Night

She just asked you if you can stay at her home for a night because she is feeling alone and scared. Don’t you find it a bit strange? She stays all alone in her bedroom every day, but suddenly she felt the need of having someone. Hmm, everything has a reason. It might be that she is feeling the need for some freaky time with you.

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