Which Bird Is Not Repeated On Both Sides? Only 25% Of People Could Find It Within 10 Seconds!

March 28, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

In this brainteaser the task is simple! All you have to do is try and find the bird that doesn't have a double on the other half of the image. Be warned, while the task may seem simple, finding the odd bird out will be a challenge.

So you want to find the missing bird? We have a few tips to help you should you get stuck.

Firstly: Try looking at the image from further away....it's all about perspective, right?

Secondly: Count the birds in each half. It may seem obvious but knowing which side has more birds is half the challenge!

Thirdly: Pay close attention to the colors of the different birds. There are several birds in each half of the image with similar colorings and markings so don't be fooled!

Lastly: Take your time :) Only 25% of people found the odd bird out within 10 seconds but if you panic about the time, you will only prevent your mind from seeing what is before you.

So now you've prepared yourself for the challenge ahead, it's time to release the birds!

Take a peek below:

How are you getting on?

Is this a walk in the park or does the odd bird out feel like an endangered species?

We have the solution down below but it would be too easy to give up just like that!

Keep on trying, you may spot it just as you were about to give up :)

If you really insist though, then scroll down for the answer!

Have a look at the comments too though, these sorts of brainteasers always generate a lot of discussions.

Ok, so the answer is...

Did you find the bird you were looking for?

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