What Sacred Geometry Resonates Most With You Determines The Best Way to Cut Psychic Cords With a Toxic Person!

March 19, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Feeling drained and emotionally overwhelmed? Try cord cutting, it works wonders.

Cord cutting is a ritual you could perform to cut all the negative psychic ties you have with a toxic person in your life.

Whether they do it intentionally or not, people could contaminate you with their negative energies.

If it’s impossible to cut your connections with these people in your life forever, cord cutting will help you detoxify your spiritual self.

By giving yourself a spiritual hygiene, you will regain clarity and wholeness!

Here are The 3 Most Common Rituals of Cord Cutting

To find out what cord cutting ritual is best with your current situation choose the sacred geometry that most resonates with you on the image below!

Based on what sacred geometry you chose read about the corresponding ritual:

1. The Salt Bath

This cord cutting ritual requires the use of Kosher sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and or Epsom salt. You need to bathe yourself with these salts to cleanse your auric field.

Soaking in a salt bath once a week for 4 consecutive weeks will bring you amazing results.

2. Visualizing With Archangel Michael

If you need to cut the cord soonest, you may call on Archangel Michael to help you.

This is most especially helpful when the unhealthy relationship is brought about by a colleague at work, a friend in your circle, or a family member. Unconditional love will remain unaffected even after the cord is cut.

Call on Archangel Michael and visualize his mighty sword cutting the cord that’s connecting you with the other person.

3. The Scissors

Visualize that you have a pair of scissors in your hand. Then visualize the situation or the other person and a rope that connects to you both.

Using the scissors, visualize that you’re cutting the rope. As the cord of energy splits up, see in your mind’s eye the energy that goes back to both of you and the other person or situation.

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