What Does The Candle You Select Tell You About Yourself?

March 13, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Select one candle and find out what it tells about yourself!

1. Blue

You are a very communicative person. Motivating others will bring you personal fulfillment. 
Honesty and sincerity are the most important human qualities for you. 
Your throat chakra is an excellent indicator as to whether you are in your creative personal expression or not. If you feel the need to clear your throat, be sure you don't tell the truth.
You are very open to people and always say what's in your mind. Some people may not be ready or want to hear what you say. So, speak only after being sure if your information is important to them.

2. Red

You are a very passionate and romantic person. You fall in love very easily. Family and relationships are very important to you. You have a big loving heart. You need a harmony in your personal relationship. You have such a pure aura. Therefore, you need to be surrounded by good people. 
You are good at both of earning and spending money. 

3. Yellow

You have empathic personality. Empaths are individuals that are sensitive to the feelings and energies in their environments. 
You are a very strong character. You always get what you want. You can't find your rest until you solve a problem standing on your way.
You always want to help people. It's a very good personality trait. But we advise you to help people when they ask you. Helping people without their permission is unhealthy. 
Focus on one main goal at a time. It's always better to do one thing excellently!

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