What Do Your Feet Reveal About Your Personality?

March 27, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

Each and every person is their own unique self. It doesn’t matter even if they are identical twins as they will not have the same personality.However, there are some traits, perspectives, and inclinations that are common to many. People can be categorized according to them. The way a person looks can determine some of the traits they’ll have.

This makes them unique and different at the same time. In this article, you’ll learn how your feet are connected to your personality.
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1. The Egyptian foot

All the toes will be precisely aligned according to height, starting from the big too. These people are usually mysterious and it is not easy to determine what they are thinking. It takes a lot of effort to get past their walls.

2. The Roman foot

Many people tend to have this type of foot wherein the fourth toe is larger than the little toe but smaller than the first three which are of the same height. These people are known for their bravery, charisma, and loyalty.

3. The Peasant’s foot

This type is quite hard to find. The toes all fall in a straight line, rather than in a descending order. These people are rational and analytical. They’ll think hard before every decision and consider all possibilities.

4. The Greek foot

The pointer toe will be longer than all the other toes in this type. Those who are artistic and innovative have this kind of toe. They’ll always think out of the box and are good at solving issues. This also makes them strong leaders.

5. Pinky toe doesn’t move

Those who have this type of foot can only move their pink toe if they use their hand. They are immersed in their work and pursue their goals relentlessly. They will not let go till they achieve what they wish to.

6. Pinky toe can be moved

The pinky toe can be moved separately from the rest. These people are extremely curious. They are adventurous and are always looking for something new to experience.

7. The littlest of little toes

The pinky toe is disproportionately smaller than the other four. These people are trendsetters and are ready to stride where no man has gone before. They are always ready to step off the beaten path but don’t respond well to orders.

8. Middle toe is looking out

In this type, the middle toe is looking out. These people will always strive for perfection and compromises do not satisfy them. Not even the smallest mistake will escape their scrutiny.
9. Gap-toed

Those who have this type of foot have a space between the index toe and the middle toe. They are diplomatic and tactful, knowing full well when to hold their tongue. They also keep away from unnecessary drama.

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