Tips and Tricks to Create Photography Masterpieces

March 22, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

There are a number of different ways to create extraordinary images by tweaking your equipment and adding a few simple effects to capture mind-blowing images. Photography is a medium allowing for creative expression of the photographer and there are many ways to achieve this creativity as will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

To become a reliable photographer you only need to improvise a little bit and always relearn with each capture of the image. Some people believe that learning about photography and doing some art degree in it is just a waste of time. It may hold some truth as one can learn photography if they have the passion for it and by reading few books on it. Introduce yourself to different camera types and their capabilities. Make yourself fully aware of all the different kind of functions the camera is capable of and learn all of the available features. Generally, there are different cameras for different shooting requirements so acquaint yourself with what kind of images you want.

Equally important is the post photography software involved to add the finishing touches to the photographs. It is important to use the right tool for every kind of shoot.

Following are few tricks and tips for challenging professional photographers at their own art.

1. Lights

The use of lights is very important to lend the picture that element of surreal background which just amplifies the result. Christmas lights can be used for creating those unreal backgrounds which add a lot of character to seemingly simple pictures.

2. Sparklers

Similar to lights you could use sparklers to create a magical effect in your photographs. It lends that energy and effect which makes the photograph more prominent and eye-catching. It adds that element of light and the flares are naturally very attractive and beautify the surroundings.

3. Shadows

This only requires a little creativity on your part and you could achieve extraordinary results with a little improvisation. Similar to light, shadows also lend a character to photographs. Simply cut out shapes and cardboard cutouts create resulting shapes which show the photograph from a completely different angle.

4. Smoke

Another way to capture a captivating image is to focus on the characteristics of smoke. For this, you simply need a black cardboard paper, an incense stick and a lamp. Just light the lamp directly above the lighted up incense stick while the black paper is in the background.

There could even be more interesting results by adding a flash or introducing different filters.

5. Underwater images with the help of a fish tank

Again you need black paper background an empty fish tank filled with water and of course your trusty camera to capture beautiful underwater images. It may require some patience to execute a perfect photo.

6. Colors

Adding colors always make the photograph stand out and the following trick is very easy to implement and get an absolutely stunning result. Take a glass surface and place M&Ms under it and add water drops on the glass surface from above. The resulting image will be extremely colorful and eye-catching.

7. Bokeh effect

One can easily achieve different bokeh effects by cutting the desired shape and placing it in front of the lens. This photograph was captured by cutting a heart-shaped hole in the thick cardboard and placing it in front of the lens.

8. Soft effect

You could achieve a soft effect in your photographs by capturing the image from behind the clear glass doors. It could be a window as well.

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