The Worst and Best Personality Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

March 19, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Each zodiac sign has its own traits. Some of those traits are good and others are well, pretty frustrating. Our signs can and do tell those around us a lot about who we are and how we are as people.

You should honestly look into someone’s sign before getting to know them if you want to be one the safe side. Some signs mesh a lot better than others do. Below you will find some of the best and worst traits of each zodiac sign. Was your spot on?
The Good and Bad of Each Zodiac Sign:


People born under this sign are often very strong and confident. They are honest and able to get anything done that they put their minds to but some things about them make those traits not so good. They are quite aggressive and impulsive. When you put aggressive and confident together you don’t always get a good mix. While they can be awesome individuals they can also really suck.


People born under this sign are very patient and reliable. You can count on them for just about anything; however, they tend to have quite the temper. If you piss off a Taurian you better run, they will be getting even.


People born under this sign are often able to learn things quite easily and they are very adaptable, however, they are very conflicting individuals. They tend to talk far too much and are either amazing or terrifying there is no in-between.


One of the biggest things people note about those of this sign is that they are extremely loving. This is their best and worst trait for many reasons. You see while being loving is a good thing they also tend to become far too clingy for their own good.


Leos are passionate and creative but they are also arrogant and self-centered. They can be fun to be around but also wear out their welcome quickly. If you are not an Aquarius or a Gemini you probably won’t like them too well.


People born under this sign are very loyal and hardworking they tend to hate rude people and pay attention to those who are ‘black sheep.’ Their worst qualities are often their shyness and how overly critical they are. They criticize themselves and others way too often.


Libras are very fair-minded. They stand up for what they believe in and they are quite social. That being said they are also very self-pitying and that tends to get in the way of their friendships and relationships. It is like everything becomes about them when times are hard and they refuse to see things from the other side.


People born under this sign are stubborn and brave. They are able to really get anything done they want if they truly apply themselves. Their biggest weaknesses are often their inability to trust people and their jealous tendencies. They are not often able to overcome these things.


People born under this sign are usually pretty damn generous. They are often willing to give most things as they believe others need these things more than they do. However, they are often very impatient and speak too openly, they can be quite offensive.


People born under this sign are often very responsible individuals, but that doesn’t make them saints. They are also very condescending and can be know-it-alls. They are often loners because other people just can’t handle them.


This sign is one of the most independent and it is one of my favorites for that reason. These people are quite unique and do not often break their promises. The biggest downside to this sign is that people with it often run from expressing their emotions.


Those born under this sign are very intuitive and gentle. You can go to them for advice about most things and they will give you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. However, they tend to trust too easily and are often taken advantage of.

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