The REAL Reason Why Empaths Act So Strange Around Inauthentic People

March 21, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Empaths are probably the most special and authentic people living on our planet. Empaths are the ones who keep the perfect social balance and prove that there still is a hope in humanity. However, they are always neglected, discriminated and opposed by the inauthentic people who just can’t find a way to understand empaths.

The inauthentic people are ignorant and they live in a constant blindness. However, the empaths know very well what’s going on and they are conscious about the situation. This is why empaths are most of the time isolated from the rest of the world. Most of us are unable to feel when someone is two-faced or some kind of predator while he’s acting friendly. Most of the people are victims of various manipulations and the inter-social relations in the 21st century are on a really low level.

Betrayal and personal gain are now very closely connected. Empaths see this with their ‘superficial’ abilities. This is why they get irritated when they establish social connections.

On the other hand, empaths also feel when someone’s insecure and vulnerable. They want them to show these traits, empathize and help the others who feel hurt, depressed, insecure etc. Empaths know very well if someone’s suffering, even if they’re telling that everything is OK.

In this article, we try to explain why empaths are socially anxious. It is not about the social anxiety, but about the two-faced world, we live in. Empaths feel the negativity around them and they even feel responsible for not being able to change the world. This is a huge mistake!

If you are an empath you need to understand that every single one of us has a special and unique purpose in life, and each of us walks the ‘path’ alone. You can be a good influence, try to always share high-frequency vibrations and be always full of understanding. However, you must know that most of the people are selfish, proud and won’t bother to be dishonest or mean.

You also need to know that not everybody deserves your help, nor you would be always able to help the people in need. Relax and focus on your inner self- the world is a cruel place, but empaths are the ones who are supposed to be the balance.

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