The First Word You See In The Puzzle Will Divulge Something About Your Personality

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Have you ever heard the saying, “we see what we want to see”? Well, it’s partially true! We’re subconsciously engrossed to things that we ponder about and it matches our personalities. So when you take a look at a word puzzle below, the word you see first will truly divulge a lot about your personality.

Now, scroll down below to know what does the word you saw first says about you. 

#1: Honest

In case you saw this word first then you are honest, authentic, and truthful. Despite that there are negative words on the list; you were attracted “honest” because you’re the type of person who loves being frank with people. It is hard to be a truthful person but you see the value of this characteristic.

#2: Love

Seeing the word love means it’s the one that makes your world go round! This basically means that you’re an affectionate person who wears their heart on their sleeve. You continuously look for the blameless in the world and can draw love out of any individual or circumstances. Your character is generous, sincere and particularly kind. Only a few people in this world love as enthusiastically and unreservedly as you. 

#3: Kind

Only a few people see this word first and similarly few people are really kind. Kindheartedness is a quality that few people possess these days. You saw this word first because your subconscious is trying to show you what a truly occasional personality you have. Your kindheartedness is your crowning trait and appreciated above all else by those people in your life. 

#4: Death

In case this is the first word that you saw then you have the kind of personality that contemplates on mortality. It echoes a dark side of your character and an inclination to be a bit melancholic. People with this kind of personality can either be a worrywart or just a deep thinker who is preoccupied with the meaning of life. 

#5: Wise

People who are considerate and like to consider the deeper things in life are attracted to this word. If you saw this word first then you’re the kind of person who longs for knowledge. You always make an effort to understand things rather than to critic them. You believe true wisdom comes from understanding and you comprehend more than most people do.

#6: Rage

In case you saw this word first, you have anger boiling in your soul. You might not even recognize it but your subconscious is trying to let you know that you have internal rage and it has to be addressed before it boils over and destroys you or somebody in your path. This rage might stem from old hurt or pain. 

#7: Doom

Seeing this word first is an indication of upheaval. It exposes that you’re looking for a modification and want to push in contradiction of culture and expectations. You can be perceived as a rebel and want to lead on ending the society so that you can construct something better and beautiful. Not many people spot this word first.  

#8 Loyal

People who were attracted to this word are compelled by faithfulness and value it above all else. You appreciate the significance of it and take time to build it but once you’re faithful to someone you would never ever be disloyal to them or deceive them. You hate back-stabbers and don’t understand people who are not as trusty as you. Loyalty is what drives you and what describes you. 

#9: Truth

You’re a truth searcher. If your subconscious saw this word first, then you’re the type of person who dislikes lies and will always try and search for out the truth. While a lot of people value the truth, not all seek it out because they can be frightened of it. But in your case, you would rather know a harsh truth than a white lie. You value honesty in yourself and others on top of anything else. 

#10 Break

You may keep it secreted but there’s a damaging side to your personality. If your subconscious was attracted to this word then you have the kind of personality which is continuously trying to escape from the limitations of "normality." You hate being restricted and labeled and are happy to break down things in order to create. You’re drawn to the impression of revolution and can make a great frontrunner for anarchy. 

#11: Hate

If you saw this word first, then your dark side may be taking over. You continually fight between your light and bright side and your darker inclinations and your subconscious may be making an effort to tell you that your pessimism is taking over. Maybe you’re being driven by hate due to a certain condition or experience but you must not let it eat at your soul. Hate can be poisonous and you have to be cautious to let go of it. 

#12: Trust

You’re both trusting and trusted. If you saw this word first word, it spoke to your distinctive trust in the world around you. You appreciate the importance of someone's confidence in you and similarly value being capable to disclose in others. It is one of the infrequent qualities to have and it makes you very distinctive.

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