The Fall Makeup Trends We’re So Excited About

March 21, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Cooler weather is already here, and while we’re bummed out to be putting away our floral dresses and strappy sandals, we’re hyped up for a whole new world of makeup trends that will optimize the upcoming months. Don’t worry, many of them warm up skin tones and will help you look like a human instead of Edward Scissorhands when the frost comes to get us all.

1. Gloss and light colored stains

Rather than a heavy lipstick, which can create ugly creases, and also age you a bit, a gloss or light stain is a playful way to infuse color without getting too serious. You can experiment with layering colors for this look, and add a blush or eye look without it being overkill.

2. Metallics in neutral

A bright copper and ethereal take on gold filled the runway and Tumblr this season, and it has us excited. Bright metallics can be a bit scary, so keep it in the neutral family. People are even using metallic lip gloss on their lids as a sumptuous shadow, so repurpose all of your metallic makeup for this cause!

3. Two-toned lips

We’re not suggesting you go full Willy Wonka purple and green with this look.
It’s all about the subtlety with this look – a slightly darker or lighter tint on your top or bottom lip will do the trick here and add depth to your look for a truly unique remix on a painted lip.

4. Denim eyeshadow

We decided to go with denim because too-blue jewel tones can look a little dated (watch the GLOW series and you’ll know what I mean) A muted blue liner with a generally natural look is a great way to softly transition into fall. A slightly faded, or ombre tone with this will look gorgeous.

5. False lashes > mascara

Why clump up your natural lashes when you could apply a brilliant layer of falsies to brighten and fill up your top lash line? You can rock all-natural with this look and still appear dolled-up. It makes eyes look bigger and more awake. But keep the rest neutral to avoid going full Kardashanian.

6. Blush on an otherwise natural face

You know that look you get on frosty days, when your cheeks have just a hint of rouge in them? We’re not talking Raggedy Ann circles or deep contouring – we’re saying just a rosy tint with a bare lip and face goes a long way in providing a healthy glow. You can even try this with some repurpose bronzer!

7. Dramatic wings/cat eye

Mix up this classic by adding an inch to your wing, or turning into a “wishbone wing” by angling out that final flick. It really takes that Twiggy aesthetic to another level, and you don’t even need shadow or a lip color – this is the centerpiece! You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

8. Brown and mauve lips

Try a lip color that’s the same as the changing leaves! A brown pout is flawless both matte and gloss, and playing with a whole range of tones makes it ideal for almost any skin color. For a transitional look, mauve can be a great beginner’s jump before you do the major leap to full on autumn brown.

9. A dab of pearl

Just a little pearl or effervescent cream eyeshadow dabbed on the inner corners of the eye for a dewy, fresh look that really opens up the eyes. Adding pearl to any look can really add that fresh look and is the perfect way to complement an otherwise au naturel look.

10. Floating liner

This is a futuristic look for emboldened females. But it’s definitely not for everyone, so try it out with your honest friends before you try debuting it at your local club. It elevates a look and almost mimics calligraphy – try out a soft black line that floats on the middle of your eyelid, between brow and the bottom of your top lid, paired with a translucent berry lip.

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